Bumble Success Story: Andrew & Sarah

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Andrew + Sarah's story, as told to Bumble by Sarah... 

"I've been swiping, I've been swiping." I sing this in my head to the tune of Beyonce's Drunk In Love. I feel like Beyonce would need to repeat that line about 50 million times to really understand how many swipes I had to swipe. I tindered, I matched, and I bumbled...and always the same results; no chemistry. If there was any chemistry, something else would be wrong such as the time I matched with a drug dealer who was very good at hiding his "profession" for months. You get the point - I tried, a lot. 

Through three years of online dating, I remained dedicated and hopeful. I kept telling myself, "You never know if the next one could be the one". Of course I went through phases where I wanted to give up. I even sought out a psychic that a friend swore by to tell me if I would be single forever. As silly as it all seemed, I knew that there was someone out there that would challenge me, respect me, and be my best friend.

Fast forward past all the hoping and wishing: I had accepted a date from a guy on bumble a few days before Christmas. I had also be given the chance for really great Wizard tickets. The exhausted dater in me did what anyone who was tired of swiping would do, I asked for a raincheck on the date and went to the game. Luckily, the guy offered to meet me for coffee the next day - Christmas Eve. I really hesitated, I had to drive to my parents house and I never had a good coffee date. Feeling bad about canceling for a game, I felt like I owed this guy a face-to-face meeting. So I woke up early, got ready (it should be noted, not a good hair day), went to help a friend out with dog walking, it started raining and I started freaking out. Now my bad hair day was really really bad. I reluctantly drove to the coffee shop anyways. I had arrived first (not a good sign), and ordered my own chai tea. I stood and waited. Here he is finally. Wow he is really tall. I immediately texted my best friend, "Hes tall and goofy! My type!" Seriously, he was exactly my type. We sat down to enjoy our drinks and we talked. We talked so much we both didn't want to leave. Our drinks were long gone and empty so we slowly walked out and when he looked at me to say goodbye and suggest seeing each other again I remember the look he gave me and thinking whoa. We went on a few dates after which were just as great and then decided to get snowed in together for five days - it was a make it or break it decision and luckily it completely made our relationship solid. 

I am so thankful I stuck out all the swiping and FINALLY found Andrew. He is caring, adventurous, funny, and is beyond anything I thought I was looking for. We are approaching our 1 year mark and we still love making "bumble bae" comments to each other. Can't imagine my life without him, so thanks bumble!

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us - we are so happy for you two! Congratulations and so much love from The Bumble Hive! 

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