What makes the

honeys so sweet?

Build That Resume

Being a Bumble Honey will give you hands-on marketing experience for a fast-paced tech company. We aim to empower you to develop and deliver marketing plans crafted for your campus.

Network Magic

You’ll work with tastemakers and influencers in your community to bring ideas to life. Being a Bumble Honey will help you cultivate important relationships, connect with like-minded hustlers and start building your professional tribe.

The Time of Your Life

Being a student ambassador will not only push you professionally, but it will also be a blast! This job offers the opportunity to develop important marketing skills while building relationships for your future career – maybe even at Bumble!


Carry Bumble’s core mission and values wherever you go.
Make the First Move
Negotiate partnerships, host events, and align Bumble with your surrounding community using localized marketing tactics.
Spot Opportunity
You know your campus better than anyone, so you have the creative freedom to identify trends, pitch your big ideas and bring them to life with the help of HQ.
Learn & Grow
Build Bumble’s presence and userbase in your community while also growing personally and professionally.
Have Fun!
Being a Bumble Honey is an honor and a big responsibility, but it is also incredibly fun, exciting, and oh-so sweet!

Who we want
in our hive

First Movers
First Movers
You aren’t afraid to make the first move in any aspect of life, and everyone respects you for that. Your confidence is contagious.
Role Models
Role Models
You influence those around you in a positive and empowered manner and are in control of the first impression of Bumble on your campus.
Team Players
Team Players
You know teamwork makes the dream work and love nothing more than collaborating with your team and the extended community.
You don’t only spot the trends, you help set them and know how to get Bumble in on the action.
You understand the value of networking and know how to make it work for you (and Bumble).
You’re a bold go-getter who will coordinate with your team to set goals and make it happen.
Ready to be a honey?