Fun First Date Ideas That Will Have You Buzzing with Excitement

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Let’s be honest: most first dates are pretty awkward (even if you do count yourself as a seasoned professional)! While most of us test the waters with a coffee or drink on the first date, there are still some who believe in the magic that is “wine, dine, tell her she’s fine.”

I get it. You like to think ahead, and the thought of being stuck with someone over a whole dinner who you aren’t vibing with at all is a goddamn terrifying thought. I’ve had girlfriends ask me to call them at 7:30 PM sharp and ask them if it’s a “yes” or “no” (we had code words pre-planned like “Hello grandma” for no and “I’ll call you back just at dinner for" a yes). If it was a “yes” I would politely hang up the phone and let them continue their evening in peace. If it was a “no” I would make up an epic excuse so they could get out of the date. Genius, right?

But I’m here to ask you if perhaps you’re going about the whole thing wrong. If you’ve already set up a pre-conceived exit strategy (and a good one at that), chances are you’re bound to fail. So let me put this to you: maybe it’s time to flip the dating game on its head and shake things up with some epic ideas that don’t involve an awkward dinner with one of you drinking too much wine and listing your dating resume like an interview for a new job you don’t even really want.

Let’s bring the fun back with some first date ideas that will have you and your date super excited for the next time. I’ve even broken your ideal date night down into personality traits. You’re welcome!


The Funny One

Holey Moley Golf Club  

Nothing says “here, have a piece of my heart” like putt-putt. OK, maybe not, but I’d think this would be a pretty rad first date! Choose from 9, 18, or 27 holes and putt your way around a labyrinth of unique holes that will test your problem-solving skills and golfing prowess. It’s the perfect place to break any awkward silences and show off your competitive streak. You could even win some brownie points by letting your date win. They also have DJs playing and a full service bar with ALL of the cocktails. It’s a super easy way to break the ice.

Where: Darlinghurst, Newtown, Castle Towers & Charlestown
(You can also find Holey Moley in Melbourne so head to the website for all the deets.)
When: Monday to Friday 12pm – Late; Saturday & Sunday 10am – Late
How much: Who cares, it’s putt putt, stop being tight or head to the website if you really must know.


The Baller

Messina Creative Department, Sydney

If you haven’t indulged in a late night Messina run, then where have you been living?! Messina has upped the ante on the good old ice cream in a cone date with their latest offering, ‘The Creative Department’. They offer a 7 course sit-down dinner, which is paired with complimentary handmade drinks, perfectly balancing sweet, savoury and umami (sweetness, saltiness, sourness and bitterness). It’s the perfect place to get to know each other while dining on all the dessert creations. Suddenly your pizza-and-a-wine idea doesn’t sound so fabulous for a first date, right?

Where: 243 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst (Also available in Melbourne)
When: Tickets are now on sale for April – July
How much: The 7 course degustation is $130 per head including paired drinks


The Romantic

Murphy by The Australian Ballet

Graeme Murphy is a national treasure and is celebrating 50 years with the Australian Ballet. To mark the occasion, the Australian Ballet is opening the season with a tribute to him. Titled “Murphy,” the show is a compilation of the choreographer’s boldest and most poetic moments. Get dressed up, romance the hell out of your first date, and enjoy history in the making with a night of culture and dance at the Sydney Opera House. Bliss!

Where: The Sydney Opera House – 2 Macquarie Street, Sydney
When: April 6th – April 23rd
How much: Tickets range from $35 to $235


The Cultured Type

After Hours at The Art Gallery of NSW

Every hump-day (Wednesday) the Art Gallery of NSW swings open its doors for a late night soiree. Each week there’s something different on, ranging from lectures and talks to music and art, so it’s the perfect way for you and your date to hang out and share an evening learning about each other’s artistic interests. If the night has been super fab, head for a nightcap or dinner at Woolloomooloo Wharf (*cough* China Doll) and discuss all of art’s greatest pleasures over a cocktail or two.

Where: Art Gallery Road, Sydney
When: Every Wednesday until 10pm
How much: Most of the program is free  


The Adventure Seeker

Kayak or Stand Up Paddle Board in Rose Bay

OK everyone, it’s time to flex your muscles. Literally. Kayaking or stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is a great first date idea and the perfect way to explore Sydney’s famous harbour beaches and islands. Pack some wine and head on a little adventure to Shark Island (Don’t worry, contrary to the name there isn’t a shark in sight), or take it a little easier with a paddle on the shores of the beach located on Tingira Reserve. Remember to pack towels and knock together a little cheese board to really impress your date, as kayaking and paddling can work up quite a hunger!

Where: The beach at Tingira Reserve, opposite the Rose Bay RSL Club
Corner of new South Head Road and Vickery Avenue, Rose Bay
When: By appointment mid-week and 9am – 3pm on Weekends
How much: $17 - $29 per hour


Dating should be an exciting time. It’s the early stages, when you can really get to know someone — and what better way to show that you’re keen then by making an effort with your date night?! Keep the conversation light but engaging, and most of all have fun! There’s no doubt that after you sweep your date off their feet with one of these ideas, there’ll be plenty more opportunities to hang.

Xx, Lisa