Bumble Ambassador Lana Wilkinson's Spring Racing Tips: Style Yourself on Any Budget


We sat down with our ever-so-chic Bumble Ambassador Lana Wilkinson, celebrity stylist, to discuss all things Spring Racing, the dos and don'ts, and how to stay your best self throughout the day. Here's what she had to say.

Q: How do you remain stylish over an 8-hour race day?

A: Understand your shape and know which silhouettes flatter you so you feel your best! Your photos will look more fabulous.

Being comfortable is all about how you feel, literally and emotionally. Whether it’s your dress, your underwear, or your shoes, make sure you consider fit and weather conditions. Be sure to take a photo of yourself before you head out. That way you’ll know you’re comfortable with how you look.

Remember that your hair and make-up are your best accessories.

Wear good functional underwear to highlight your assets so you’re feeling your best. Ensure your bra is the right size and fits you well. It makes your clothes look better, which makes you more comfortable!

Accessorise with metallics and brights. If you've got a closet full of neutrals — be they black, white, navy, camel, or grey — add energy with boldly-hued shoes and bags.

Make sure you wear inner soles, or carry them in your handbag, if you’re prone to getting sore feet. A day at the races is a long one!

Drink lots of water in between alcoholic drinks. It keeps you looking and feeling fresh.

Q: What are your ‘dos’ for a day at the races?

A: Always adhere to the dress codes. It’s not cool to be a rebel when protocol is involved.

You can never be too overdressed. There’s no such thing!

If you look in the mirror and you think something works, it probably does.

Q: And your ‘don’ts’ for Spring Racing?

Don’t be afraid to take risks.

Don’t do too many trends at once.

Never, ever take your shoes off!

Q: What are this season's latest racing trends?

A: More is more! This season there are almost no rules, except for the Racing Club dress codes. Statement shoes, jewellery, and bags can add that little extra to your outfit. Big bows and statement fascinators with headbands and turbans all subscribe to the “more is more” vibe that’s happening in fashion.

The 80’s and 90’s are back. Think modernised shoulder pads and micro-mini skirts, power suiting, romantic frills, Crayola colours, pastel hues, bold stripes and effortless glam. Frills are huge this season both in terms of proportion and popularity. It’s all about the flounce. The styles that will be most popular will be those that balance femininity with a little sleekness. Think asymmetrical dresses, one-shoulder tops and voluminous skirts.

The Royal wedding has helped put a spotlight on millinery. When purchased wisely, hats can be worn beyond the races. It’s all about statement boaters with ribbons and netting, and wide brims in bold colours.

Choose millinery that compliments your overall look. It’s all about balance. Wide-brimmed hats, statement headpieces, crowns, and fascinators will always turn heads. But the key to getting it right is to curate your look based on your build, what flatters you and your face shape most and keeping your overall outfit in balance.

Q: How would you style yourself for Melbourne Cup Carnival on any budget?

Quality over quantity. True style is about you, not what’s on Instagram. Good racing style is respecting tradition, but showcasing your interpretation of fashion and style to your look.

Accessories make the outfit and don’t have to cost a fortune. It’s also a perfect way to reinvent something you already have with statement millinery or a bold shoe choice. One of the great things about the Spring Racing season is that you get to play with lots of accessories in ways that you normally wouldn’t. It’s the one time of the year you get to really style the statement pieces, whether that’s a striking shoe, bold millinery or a fabulous bag. For me, it’s all three of those things that make or break a race day outfit. Experiment!

A great option to ensure you’re fashion-forward each day is to hire your dress and millinery. My go-to spots are Her Wardrobe, Style Theory, Designer Dress Hire Australia and Glam Corner. They each showcase a range of high-end and mainstream designers to ensure you’re putting your best fashion foot forward to each race day.

Recycle pieces in your wardrobe. Whether that be a shoe, shift dress or that statement suit, it’s all about how you style your pieces together.

If you’re creative, make your own millinery. Nothing is more personal than creating something for yourself. And if you’re not into DIY, head scarves are having a moment. It’s the perfect way to add bold colour or a print to your raceway look.