We get that priorities change, and our support for you won’t waver when they do. We’re proud to introduce Snooze, a new feature that allows you to pause activity on Bumble while keeping your connections. We’re encouraging you to go offline so you come back to our community a healthier, more balanced person — whenever you’re ready.
Social media has become a part of my routine, so much so that I find myself drifting in and out of those apps unconsciously and maybe, if I’m honest with myself, addictively. I see a need to change it, and want to give our users an opportunity to breakaway from the constant noise, and have a healthy and well deserved digital detox.

Whitney Wolfe Herd
Ready to hit Snooze?
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Digital Detox
So you’re ready to unplug and take a break from the glow of your various screens for a few days. Honestly, we applaud you; 75% of women and 64% of men say looking at their phone is the first thing they do after waking up. To truly commit and make the most of your detox, try the following the self-care steps while Snoozing in the digital realm.

  1. Think about what you’d be doing if you weren’t looking at your phone. Would you be outside? Whatever your answer, it’ll tell you where to spend your time unplugged.
  2. Do things that are slow: make pour over coffee, walk to the store, read a paperback book, go buy a paper and consume news that way.
  3. Don’t run to the internet to answer questions that come up during the day. Talk about them, instead.
  4. Write a letter by hand, send it in the mail, and make someone’s day.
  5. Don’t sleep with your cell phone next to your bed. Worried about emergencies? Have a landline installed.
Tools to have:
Paper stock
A leisure read
Results you'll get:
Improved memory
Wrinkle prevention
Less anxiety
Healthier self-image
Immersing yourself a new culture or landscape can be incredibly rejuvenating to the mind and spirit. Whether you’re exploring places beyond your comfort zone or just enjoying comfortable experiences away from home, take full advantage of Snoozing while on vacation with these tips.

  1. Manage expectations and set an OOO reply on your email, both personal and at work.
  2. 60% of female Bumble users say the couldn’t be without their phones for more than 24 hours — but we bet you can. Put your phone in your hotel safe and have an off the grid experience.
  3. Challenge yourself to spend a few minutes sitting and observing rather than looking at the same scene through your smartphone’s camera.
  4. Avoid headphones and listen to the different sounds around you.
  5. Make conversation with locals as much as possible.
Tools to have:
Disposable camera
Emergency meds
Local recommendations
Walking shoes
Results you'll get:
Cultural awareness
Slower heart rate
Increased empathy
Deepened relaxation
Like it or not, Americans spend the majority of our waking hours at work. For many, that’s totally fulfilling — but that doesn’t mean careers come without their challenges. In fact, women of all ages on Bumble say that work is the largest stressor in their life. To find a healthy focus during office hours, implement the following work-related strategies while Snoozing on the job.

  1. Stand up and walk around the office perimeter or around the block every two hours. (Fresh air is always best.)
  2. Learn a few subtle desk yoga poses to stay in tune with your body without leaving the office.
  3. Schedule dedicated hour-long work-blocks to avoid meeting fatigue.
  4. When in a meeting, politely ban smartphones.
  5. Remember you’re human, and that sometimes it’s impossible to finish everything before you go to sleep.
Tools to have:
Reusable water bottle
Stress Ball
Results you'll get:
Increased productivity
Heightened creativity
Less burnout
Better focus
Prioritizing Myself
We often become so fixated on the external world that we forget to take care of the internal one. Knowing that 60% of young women say social media overwhelmingly influences their mood, allow us to remind you that it’s completely acceptable to take a time-out to nurture yourself. Try our Snooze self-love starters below.

  1. Allow yourself to say ‘no’ to plans — without any guilt.
  2. Try your hand at journaling for a few minutes each morning to learn more about what’s inside. We promise you’re very interesting.
  3. Start to recognize when something feels like a compulsive choice versus a conscious choice.
  4. Learn about mindfulness through apps, books, or online courses.
  5. Invest in a good night’s sleep. Create bedtime rituals to signal to your body it’s time to wind down.
Tools to have:
Eye mask
Essential oils
Soft sleepwear
Results you'll get:
Strengthened immune system
Stronger relationships
Pain improvement