No More Mirror Selfies. You're Welcome, Folks!


You may have noticed we’ve introduced new photo moderation rules on Bumble. Why? Because we’re over online spaces having different rules than other social spaces. Rules that apply in real life interactions will apply on Bumble.

Our users have they been vocal about it, and our data backs them up. The most swiped left profiles on Bumble are mirror selfie pics. 86% of reported profiles include mirror selfie photos. (Yes, it really can be offensive.)

Imagine Bumble being a restaurant where you can introduce yourself to people who pique your interest. How would you dress, act, and conduct yourself? How would you want others to dress, act, and conduct themselves? Would you wear only your underwear? Probably not. And you probably wouldn’t feel comfortable walking up to someone in their underwear either.

The new photo moderation rules aren’t our effort to be the prude police. Rather, they're a way to ensure everyone has the experience we’ve promised: a safe, friendly place to meet new people. Bumble is not a place to act differently than you would IRL.

We’ve created these rules for everyone, no matter your gender, sexual identity, or preferences. Yes, these rules would also apply to Victoria’s Secret models and Liam Hemsworth. (You know, if things ever go south with Miley.)

Here’s a short list of the photo moderation rules:

  • No kids on their own. They must be in the photo with an adult.

    • Would you want to walk up and talk to a baby sitting alone in a restaurant? Nope. You’d be worried about where her mother is. We don’t allow kids to represent their parents on Bumble. Bumble is for 18+ years old only.


  • Bikinis / swimwear is OK outdoors (beach, pool, etc.) but not indoors - it's too similar to underwear.

    • We allow swimsuits on Bumble, but only outside. Think of this as the patio at a beach-side restaurant. You’d wrap that cute little cover up around yourself indoors, so that's how we'll do it on Bumble too.


  • No pictures in underwear.

    • Look, if you want to meet someone in the bathroom of the restaurant and show them your underwear, that’s your prerogative. In this case, think of the private Bumble chats as the bathroom where you can send personal photos. But please don’t send photos of you in your underwear (or nothing - yikes!) in a Bumble chat without the other user’s consent. That’s invasive and bad manners. You’d get kicked out of a restaurant, and you’ll get kicked off of Bumble.


  • Face must be clearly visible.

    • Do you want to go up to a stranger and talk to them if you can’t see their face? Eyes are the window to your soul. Make sure people can see yours.


  • Photos with friends are OK.

    • Feel free to show off your social life, but be sure to let people know who you are with solo photos as well. Think about it: When you see a group of people in a restaurant and are interested in talking to one of them, you walk up and talk directly to them. Give people on Bumble the same courtesy. It will keep conversations from feeling awkward.


  • No watermarks or text overlaid.

    • We have amazing custom filters to help you show off your personality. Text would take away from that.

We want everyone to have a fun, safe swiping experience every time they log on to the app. We think these rules will help ensure that's the case. Happy swiping, honey!




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