Happy Sadie Hawkins Day!

First mentioned in the Li'l Abner comic strip on November 15th, 1934, Sadie Hawkins Day is synonymous with the traditional gender role reversal that inspired the very essence of Bumble. Part folklore, part pop-culture, Sadie Hawkins Day (and dances!) have been a popular part of American culture since a time when women making the first move was completely unthinkable. 

Bumble believes Sadie Hawkins Day was (and continues to be) so popular because it offers women the chance to act without fear. Ask your crush to the dance, buy the guy the drink (instead of hoping he'll buy you one), or ask your cute neighbor on a date. Sadie Hawkins inspires us to act instead of wait. 

Even eighty years later, women making the first move is often viewed through a negative lens. This lens colors it as overly assertive, awkward, or scary. We continue to celebrate Sadie Hawkins Day because it represents throwing gender roles out the door and going after what you want. 

Still nervous to make the first move? Ask the cute guy in your office out, message that connection first, buy the guy at the bar a drink... and blame it on Bumble! Live everyday like Sadie Hawkins Day. We're behind you all the way, honey.



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