What's Really In My Bag

The contents of someone's bag say a lot about them - what they need throughout the day, where they've been, maybe where they're going. But so often, these kinds of insights are so edited and curated that they miss the point. We want to know what's really in your bag: the receipts, gum wrappers, and five different types of lipgloss. 


The Bumble Hive


Katherine, Senior Marketing Designer 


Recently, I've been carrying around a bigger bag that has enough room for all my stuff and my laptop. I like keep all the little stuff in pouches (like our Queen Bee one) so I can switch bags and not forget anything. 

The reason I have so many skincare and makeup products is because I workout in the morning twice a week then go straight to the Bumble HQ. To compliment my post-workout glow (NOT) I’ll wash my face with Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser and moisturize with what’s truly a godsend: Elta MD UV Clear Sunscreen/Moisturizer. Honestly, it’s the best stuff I've ever put on my skin. It doesn't feel/smell like sunscreen, calms redness and is soothing. I'll say it again, it's the best. And then, sometimes I throw in small sample sizes of makeup in case I need to freshen up for a impromptu Bumble team happy hour.

You'll always find me sporting some type of pearl earring or ring, it's my birthstone and I love that. Between working out and changing in the office, I always will have either one of those in my bag. I also carry around two different pairs of sunnies (I feel like a blogger saying ‘sunnies’) because why not? 

I try to stick a sketchbook in my bag incase I need to jot down something or if I have an idea that I'll probably forget in 30 minutes. I definitely sketch more in the office, than out and about at, say, Target. And, usually it’s just a list of the 1000 things I have to do. But, the last thing was sketches of Bumble stickers - can’t wait for you to see them!