WTF Do I Wear

this top or this top, these jeans or thesethese boots, this bag or this bag


Here at Bumble, we’re big believers in wearing what makes you feel most comfortable and confident - trends and date-night standards be damned. That said, we also are all-too familiar with that feeling of pre-Bumble date panic: having nothing to wear (even though we #literally went shopping last weekend) and group-texting our girlfriends for outfit suggestions. The thought alone makes us want a second pre-date cocktail. 
So, the Hive got together to talk go-to date outfits. From drinks to concerts, dinner dates to picnics, we’ll be sharing what makes us feel like #QueenBees when we meet up with our Bumble dates!

At the Hive, we prefer laid-back, low-stakes dinner dates like exploring hole-in-the-wall Asian spots and hitting up the latest food truck. So, true to the laid-back vibe, we’ve curated several easy, unfussy versatile pieces that you will be able to put your own amazing spin on!