Worry About Worrying


What other people are doing, how they're doing it, or why they're doing it is not your concern. Why? Because you can't control or change others' actions. And worrying about it will take you down that deep dark hole of 4 am Instagram stalking that's neither fun, fruitful or good for your skin (hellooo sleep-deprived circles under your eyes!). 

Fill that mental space with worrying about yourself: figure out how to keep your side of the street clean, focus on showing up with kindness and humility. Be the best you can be (not the best you that you think others want you to be).   

Because let's face it, no one needs to be concerned with who people are seeing, how their friendships are going, or what they did over the weekend. The only people who should care are those directly involved. As Theodore Roosevelt brilliantly put it, "comparison is the thief of joy." Protect the precious joy of your life. 


The Bumble Hive