What We Really Think

From making the first move to our opinions on fringe jeans, we're telling you what we really think. The Hive doesn't do BS! This week, we're talking Valentines Day. If the Hive could say one thing about V-Day, it would be: 


"Stay in and cook dinner together! Beats a crowded restaurant any day!" - Katherine

"Overrated - you should love on each other like it’s Valentine’s Day every day of the year." - Alex

"Too much pink." - Makenzi

"So fun! An excuse to get tipsy and go to a nice dinner with your girlfriends, or an excuse to spring for lobster with your honey!" - Caroline

"Veuve, chocolate, and teddy bears? I can’t resist!" - Chelsea

"Love any excuse to tell everyone I love them and treat myself like a princess :)" - Shaden

"I always forget it’s Valentine’s Day. The fiance and I never remember to celebrate official days." - Sarah



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