What We Really Think

From making the first move to our opinions on fringe jeans, we're telling you what we really think. The Hive doesn't do BS! This week, we asked the Hive to describe what they think about first dates. 

"A big opportunity to see someone’s level of creativity and fun. I don’t want a boring-ass first date. First impressions are huge." - Sam

"Exciting and nerve-racking. A pre-date glass of wine helps." - Katherine

"An opportunity to see the world using someone else’s point of view. First dates are fascinating if you make a personal agreement not to put pressure on a physical connection." - Alex

"Magical, illuminating, terrifying growth opportunities!" - Chelsea

"A chance to learn from someone new and all about having fun. No pressure." - Shaden

"No matter how many first dates you've had, you'll always feel butterflies in your stomach. Just try to make the most out of it! Even if you don’t fancy the person, there's probably something positive you can take from it." - Hektor

"SHOW ME THE MONEY! I’m kidding. If you get me dancing, we’re good to go." - Julian


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