Ladies First: Vivian & Miss Independent

At Bumble, it's no secret: We're all about women making the first move.

To us, there's nothing more powerful, inspiring, or rewarding than hearing about the positive impact Bumble has had in women's lives. From seeing a different side of your city to landing your dream job, we want to know how making the first move has changed your life!

Need some inspiration of your own? Below, our friend Vivian tells us about her journey to becoming an independent woman:

"I N D E P E N D E N T (Do you know what that means?)

Thanks to rapper, Webbie, I've never misspelled this word. With the bumping bass and catchy beats playing in the background, he gives his own opinion of what he sees an “independent woman” as: “She got her own house, she got her car, two jobs, work hard …”

The definition of independence has many meanings depending on whom you ask. Some define independence as paying their own bills, living alone, or just generally doing for themselves. Growing up, my parents always instilled independence in me, whether it was related to my career, education, or personal life. Even with something as innocent as borrowing a sweater from a friend when I was younger, my mother always wanted me to be able to provide for myself. When I brought that sweater home, she made me wash it, dry it, and return it immediately. It was the small lessons over time that shaped the young woman I slowly became. I took these lessons quite literally. It was from there that Miss Independent was born.

As independent as I was, there comes a time when you realize you can’t do it all on your own. I have a vivid memory of struggling to move apartments my last year of graduate school. Until this point, my parents helped move me into every apartment, but they couldn’t make it this round. My first thought was obvious: "You can do this yourself. You got this, girl!" I loaded a few of the larger items into my car, slowly traveling up and down three flights of stairs to get there. Then reality - and more importantly, logistics - hit. You cannot do this yourself; you need help. I called my best friend on the football team. Without hesitation, he dropped everything to help me move my carloads of crap in the dead of summer. Marathons back and forth, gallons of gas lost, and two sore backs later, the job was done. Without him, I would’ve more than likely given up half way, dripping with my body weight's worth of sweat, while crying in a parking lot. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

While trying to move into a new apartment by myself in 100 degree weather, I realized at some point I had to put my pride aside. That shift in attitude is what led me to the buzzingly beautiful Bumble app a few years later. I would’ve NEVER (maybe eventually, but no time soon) stepped out of my own independence and comfort zone to do something I’ve never done before – message him first.

Once I did, it led to a beautiful, exciting, crazy thing people call a relationship. The best part is that he loves me for who I am and celebrates my independence. Miss Independent finally learned she can’t do everything on her own. It’s okay to ask for help every now and then. At the end of the day, we all fall, but it’s those around us who pick us back when we need it most."

Thank you so much to Vivian for sharing your story with us! Have your own version of Miss Independent to share with us? Email us at to tell your story! 


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