A Real Woman/Man is Never Too Old

Look Queen + King Bees,

Don’t worry about the timing being perfect for meeting the right person. The timing will never be perfect for anything. Life moves at its own pace. Focus on your badass self. Believe us when we say, we understand the societal pressures of meeting the right person, getting married, having kids, and keeping your parents and grandparents happy. We also get the stress of finding a partner before summer comes to close so you have someone by your side in time for the holidays, because otherwise your Aunt Sue is going to seriously look down her nose at you and pity you like she did last year. Don’t worry about Aunt Sue. Aunt Sue comes from a different generation. Aunt Sue probably doesn’t understand all of the other accomplishments you’ve had in life either, because when she was your age, the status quo was to get married and have kids in your early twenties. Times aren’t changing, they’ve changed. You live in a time when you get to have ambition and aspirations and you get to enjoy the journey of becoming a whole person on your own without worrying about someone else. Here’s the catch to that – everyone else has that luxury too, so finding someone isn’t as high on the priority lists for most people anymore.

Trust that if you love yourself and become the best version of yourself that you can, the right person will come into your life, and you will be an incredible partner to that person when the time is right. In the meantime, don’t worry about it. You are a total catch.


The Bumble Hive