Bumble Success Story: Sara + Jordan

Sara and Jordan matched on Bumble on June 9th, 2016, which happens to be Jordan's birthday! Below is their story in their own words.

What was the first move?

Sara: "Jordan and I both went to Syracuse University for our undergrad. One night several years ago, his fraternity and my sorority had a joint Christmas party. I distinctly remember seeing Jordan for the first time that night. We had a brief conversation, but I left early and hadn't spoken to Jordan again until we matched.

This summer, I matched with Jordan on Bumble! I immediately recognized him as the cute boy from the Christmas party. I wasn't sure he recognized me, but I didn't want to start from scratch with a simple, "Hey, how are you?"

After some strategic planning, I messaged Jordan with an orange emoji. (The orange is the Syracuse mascot.) I felt this was bold enough where we would have school as a great conversation starter at the very least. Maybe he would even remember me from that party! Turns out he didn't remember meeting me that night. However, the orange sparked a conversation about Syracuse, giving us instant common ground."

How long did you take to make the first move?

Sara: "I made the first move immediately. Why wait? I had nothing to lose. Summer's end was approaching and I wanted to make the move while we still had time for a classic summer romance."

What stood out about their profile?

Sara: "Well, I did recognize Jordan from college. I was really intrigued by his photos. I could tell Jordan was a sports fan and into outdoors activities. (His dimples didn't hurt the chance of me swiping right either.)"

Jordan: "Saraʼs profile immediately caught my eye. It was like I knew her already, which was weird because I never remembered us meeting in college. She had one of those faces that just clicked with me. After scrolling through the rest of her photos, I could tell we would have a lot in common. I loved that fact that she traveled - it meant she had a sense of adventure. It was honestly no-brainer for me to swipe right."

Where are you now? (next adventure, etc.)  

Jordan: "If there's one thing Sara and I love doing, it's going on adventures together, big or small. There's no doubt Sara has the travel bug; recently I think I've been bitten too. We've been discussing many potential travel destinations in the near future. Next month, we're going to Washington, D.C. for a weekend getaway. Both of us haven't been in a very long time and have a strong desire to tour the nation's capital.

In addition, this summer we plan on taking a trip to Aspen, CO to spend a week hiking the Rocky Mountains. Hopefully within the next year, we want to take a trip together to the city that holds a special in our heart: London. Sara and I have been been there before and loved it. I believe our fondness for that city brought us closer together when we first started dating. I would love nothing more than to re-experience London with her by my side."

Thanks so much to Sara and Jordan for sharing your story with us! We're so happy for you! 

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