Industry Spotlight: Singer Coco Jones on Coming of Age on Disney and Adulthood After

Each month, we will spotlight individuals inspiring and reshaping an industry. This month, we have a Q&A from musician Coco Jones.


Coco Jones is a 19-year-old singer and actress who got her big break on the Disney Channel's television film Let it Shine. These days, however, she works as a talented singer who turns out what she calls "urban pop" hits.

With nearly half a million followers on Instagram, she's super active on social media which she calls the next best thing to meeting her fans. You may have even seen when she took over Bumble's Insta-stories, and now she's sharing her perspectives on life and career below!

What's a fact you wish your fans knew about you?

That I never forget about them, even if I’m not posting a lot or commenting back on my videos etc., I’m always thinking about my fans. I’m probably just in the studio writing a song for them!

With your success at such an early age, how do you think that affected your adolescence?

I definitely believe I grew up different than other kids, just because I knew what I wanted to do at such a young age and was so obsessed with it. I think it made me more mature, and I learned a lot of lessons earlier than my peers, but I appreciate that. I don’t feel like I missed out on anything. 

What did you learn most from the Disney Channel?

I learned that all the shows, promos, videos you see on TV — it takes a lot more than you think to make that happen. 

As an artist, what do you believe was your biggest hurdle in transitioning from the Disney Channel?

I think my biggest hurdle is the one I’m going through now: Just trying to figure out my sound, and trying to take the audience I’ve been blessed with and show them how to grow with me. To show them where I’m going.

Where do you see this journey taking you?

Man, I wish I knew. I feel like now I really enjoy writing, whether it’s for myself or other people. Career-wise, I have no earthly idea. One day I think I want something, and then the next day I want something completely different. It just has to be God‘s plan, honestly. 

Where do you get your inspiration for your songs?

From everywhere and everything. My life, my friends, my struggles. I feel like the best ideas are the ones you can personally relate to, and most likely someone else can too. 

Who is your girlboss crush?

I think my girlboss crush would “shockingly” be Beyoncé, just because she has created a brand that will last for generations. She’s made great movies, timeless albums, and now she’s sharing her knowledge with the up-and-coming artists on her label. All while still having cute kids, and being a great mom. That’s GOALS.

What do you think is the most important quality to succeed for young women?

I think perseverance and self-assurance. Nothing is going to be handed to you, but know yourself and know where you’re going and you’re going to get there.

What’s a career motto you live by?

Keep hustling, because there’s always someone else out there trying to take your spot. 

What are you and your friends up to this weekend?

Ummm... sleeping! And watching stranger things. No shame, lol. 

How many times do you find the Fanta song stuck in your head?

TOO MANY. I should’ve been on the remix!

If you could swipe right on anyone, who would it be and why?

JESUS. Because He’s got all the answers, and I’m lost in the sauce. (I’m crying laughing rn.)

What does feminism mean to you?

Feminism to me is just believing that women are on the same level as men. I don’t think it’s about holding us up to a higher standard, just giving us the opportunity to do what we already can do and treat us the same you would treat a man doing that. 

What’s a modern dating trend you hate?

Hooks ups. Me personally, I just feel like if I’m dating you I’m trying to see if you’re a good marriage component, I’m trying to know what your spirit is like not your body. I mean a little bit of the body, but you get what I’m saying...

How do you describe your musical style?

I would say my style is smart-mouthed, relatable, and heartfelt.