Keep Your Personal Life Personal. Keep Your Professional Life on Bumble Bizz

Bumble means business. With Bumble Bizz, we’ve created a platform centered around professional networking only. This isn’t a platform to date or for romantic conversations - and our users understand that. Since our launch, we’ve only had a .0023% report of people misusing the platform for dating. That’s it! For a company expanding beyond dating, we are so proud of our incredible community for embracing our new product and connecting with people in a professional, respectful way.

We will never let this change. We have three different modes for a reason: we want people to be intentional about their use on Bumble. We welcome everyone to use Bumble Bizz without ever having to stress about the gray area. We don’t care if you are single, married, or dating - whatever your personal status, it's just that: personal. Keep your personal life personal, keep your professional life on Bumble Bizz.

Feel the desire to misuse our platforms? SEE YOU LATER! At Bumble, we permanently ban anyone who is inappropriate with our users in one mode across all modes. So if you try to date on Bizz, you lose access to dating on Bumble. To prove how serious we are about this, we want to show you some profiles that have been blocked.


Profiles like these three have been banned from Bumble for misusing Bumble Bizz. And if you’re single, don’t worry - you won’t run into these guys on the dating side, ever.

And to all of our wonderful users: if anyone ever tries to act inappropriately with you on Bumble Bizz, Bumble BFF, or on Bumble, let us know. We will remove them from our community immediately. This platform is here to empower you in love, friendship, and your career. These lines weren’t drawn to be blurry. We will never settle for anything less.