Keith Urban Shares How His Latest Single Inspired Him as an Artist and Father

"When you hear somebody say somebody hits like a girl, how does that hit you?" That's the line that country megastar Keith Urban says stopped him in his tracks when he first heard — and then decided to record — the song "Female."

The topic of empowerment hits especially close to home for Urban, who, even when on the road, is deeply rooted in his role as a father to two young girls. Love, he says, it what he hopes he teaches his daughters to lead with in life. 

That desire to connect with compassion and empathy doesn't dissipate when Urban hits the stage, either. "It's an expression of joy and hope and being alive," he says of those moments he stands before an audience. Check out our interview above to hear more about Urban's down to earth approach to superstardom and commitment to women's equality.

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