Five Things You Didn't Know About Oktoberfest


Each year, over 6 million people travel to Munich to celebrate the legendary Oktoberfest. It's one of the biggest parties in the world. Beers, pretzels, and dirndls, a.k.a. two weeks of fun and lots of flirting.

Maybe you've already been there to celebrate, or maybe seen pictures of it. For those who are planning to celebrate, we asked our German Bumble team to give us their inside tips to make sure you feel just like a local!

1. Oktoberfest actually isn't celebrated in October

It starts in the middle of September (on the Saturday after September 15, to be precise) and ends on the first Sunday of October. (Unless that Sunday falls on the first or second of October, in which case Oktoberfest lasts until the day of German Unity, or the third of October.)


2. No Bavarian calls Oktoberfest Oktoberfest

They call it Wiesn. It's the Bavarian word for "lawn" and refers to the grounds on which Oktoberfest takes place: Theresienwiese, named after Princess Therese. The first Oktoberfest in 1810 was to celebrate the marriage of Princess Therese and Crown Prince Ludwig.


3. Is she single or taken? Check the bow!

A woman's relationship status is indicated by where she ties the bow on the apron of her dirndl. Left side means single, right side means married, center means she’s a widow. If you want to know, check the bow!


4. Never empty your stein!

Oktoberfest etiquette: True Bavarians always leave a bit of beer in their steins. This last sip of beer (indicator of good Oktoberfest manners) is called the "Noagerl". Also: Never ever have a sip of your fresh Wiesn beer during the drinking song "Ein Prosit". "Oans, zwoa, gsuffa" (Bavarian for ready, steady, drink) is the sign that you’re good to go.


5. When buying a dirndl, go one size down!

Never buy a dirndl in your regular size. True Bavarians wear it one size smaller. Yes, you will have to suck in your tummy. You probably won't manage to close it on your own for the first time. But this is how it has to fit - and is the secret to a gorgeous décolleté.


Julia Schygulla for The BeeHive


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