Home for the Holidays? The Pros and Cons of What's to Come

Photo: Courtesy of Pexels

Photo: Courtesy of Pexels

Your travel is booked and you’ve got only a few days at work until you’re home for the holidays. There are some great perks to taking time off with the fam, but going home also comes with a pretty specific set of downsides that we tend to forget about over the course of the preceding year.

To ensure you arrive prepared for the best and the worst of it, we’ve complied a list of the highs and lows you'll inevitably experience whilst home for the holidays. 

Feeling Like a Kid Again

Pros: Someone else to do the laundry! 

Cons: Curfews. Questions. So. Many. Questions. 

Seeing the High School Crew

Pros: Everyone remembers your inside jokes and it feels like we never left.

Cons: Jason from two towns over is still a jerk and it feels like we never left.

Borrowing the Car

Pros: Woohoo! Free rides!

Cons: 6 other people need to use this thing, you better be home in 10 minutes or less.

Getting Drunk with the ‘Rents

Pros: Having so much fun, why’d we have to wait 21 years for this!?

Cons: Being heavily judged for your inexplicably high alcohol tolerance. 

Being Single

Pros: First dibs on all the late bloomers from high school!

Cons: Judgmental Aunt Marilyn’s incessant questioning on why you're “still single.” Ugh. 

Talking about Your Job

Pros: Finally having a job to talk about, complete with a career path you’re proud of and subsequent bragging rights.

Cons: Parents still not understanding your aforementioned career path and still giving their two cents on how you could and should be living your best life. 

Eating at Your Old Spots

Pros: The food is so much better than I remember!

Cons: OMG I’ve eaten all the food. So much food. Too much food. Gross.

Finally Being Able to Contribute to the Grown-Up Conversations

Pros: You’re super informed this year and know where you stand on all the important political issues.

Cons: Realizing that with some members of the family it’s really, really not worth getting into ever again. 

But Still Having a Seat at the Kids Table

Pros: This is so much fun! I don’t know why I ever wanted to go with the grown-ups in the first place.

Cons: Have these chairs always been this small? 

When it comes to going back to your old stomping grounds, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. And at the end of the day, there’s no place like home. Happy holidays! 


Molly Borman for The BeeHive

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