Equality Now

Bumble’s Most Inspiring New Yorkers On How To Fight Gender Inequity


In recent months, the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have put sexual harassment and gender discrimination at the center of the cultural conversation. We’re more dedicated than ever to helping advance gender equality — and putting an end to the misogyny that still plagues society.

Our bunch of inspiring New Yorkers have some ideas on how we can achieve equality in our lifetimes. We hope their responses inspire you to help us work towards that common goal.

“You have to have hard conversations with people who don't agree with you. Although not easy, self-selecting creates more isolated bubbles. But sitting down across from someone who is very different from you and speaking together as peers can bridge gaps and divides, one conversation at a time.” — Brian Selvarajah, strategic planning director

“I think we can achieve equality with education. It is important to educate boys and girls from an early age about equal rights and give them both the same opportunities to succeed.” — Tina Tang, banking associate

“We should be active citizens within our country, whether it’s as simple as being kind to someone on the subway or something much larger.” — Olivia Arroyo, teacher

“We get there by rejecting bigotry, racism, sexism, and homophobia. We get there by viewing each person as endowed with inherent dignity, capacity, and possibility. We get there by respecting the viewpoints of others, even if we disagree with them.” — Carrie Sheffield, media entrepreneur

“Everyone with privilege has to opt in to this movement the way that people who are marginalized are forced to fight.” — Blair Imani, activist

“I’m an American, but I’m also a Muslim, and a woman. These are troubled times for women and minorities. We have to continue to fight for our rights because they’re not guaranteed, especially in this political climate. It’s important to vote, join protests, call your senators and make your voice heard, but more importantly, we need to form connections with people outside of our comfort zone.” — Haniya Riaz-Khan, entrepreneur

“Call out patriarchy. Pay women. Cover childcare. Oh, and VOTE. These things are all related.” — Rachel Sklar, writer