Making Moves with NY’s Most Inspiring People

Bumble was founded as a dating app back in 2014, but it’s grown far beyond that. It’s a movement, encouraging our users to make the first move in all areas of their lives, whether dating, looking for friends, or growing a professional network.

We asked our group of all-star New Yorkers what pushes them to make moves in their lives: to persevere, even when it gets tough, or when the odds are stacked against them. We hope you’ll be inspired by their answers.

“This sounds corny, but I always try to make my parents proud.” — Danielle Prescod, style director

“My message is that every voice matters in the world, and that we all can do more to create inclusion, so what motivates me to reach higher and further is that I know my message and my story can make a difference to so many. I'm here and fighting for them, and for all of us.” — Jennifer Brown, author and LGBTQ activist

“I help others learn how to be nice to themselves. The idea that I could help hundreds of thousands of people one day is what inspires me to make moves in my life.” — Palak Vani, anxiety coach

“Fighting back against sustained encroachments on the civil rights of people of color, women, and individuals of transgender experience is what drives me to get up and grind every day.” — Kristopher Sharp, political operative

“I’ve worked for years for free for things that I loved. As a result, I’ve had more than a few financial and emotional crises, but I was connected to the work, I was proud of the work, I was inspired by the work, and I wanted to keep doing it.” — Bea Arthur, therapist and entrepreneur

“I’m inspired by other women! From moms, to friends, to strangers I follow on Instagram, I try to surround myself with resilient, intuitive, women that, despite the friction of adversity, cook up killer ideas and go out and make them happen every single day.” — Libby Russell, diabetes activist and copywriter

“New York City (sounds cheesy, but it's true)! The hustle is real here, and I think it's so inspiring. NYC is the ultimate place to go after your dreams.” — Liza Darwin, entrepreneur