Bee MindFULL: Redefining Personal Failure

For years, mental health has been taboo. When we can’t see something with the naked eye, it can be difficult to understand. From a young age, we’re taught to be perfect at all costs. That often means hiding your emotions and suffering in silence. 

Fortunately, times are changing, and we’re realising that our minds need just as much care as our bodies. Bumble is proud to team up with mental wellbeing platform Happy Not Perfect to offer our community unlimited free access to a meditation series focused on self-love, kindness, and confidence. 

To empower our users to look after their mental health, Bumble enlisted women we admire — from a singer-songwriter, to a fashion editor, to entrepreneurs and activists — to tell us how they redefined personal failures and, in the end, blossomed despite challenging times. Listen to their stories by clicking their images, below. And read a letter from Happy Not Perfect founder Poppy Jamie to the Bumble community on the importance of prioritising your mind.

Bumble users will get 30% off the premium version of the Happy Not Perfect app, for unlimited access. Open Bumble on October 10th and match with Happy Not Perfect to take advantage of this tool.

Joy Crookes

As a teenager, Joy Crookes worked a night job while trying to make it as a musician. She became entrapped in a business partnership with a producer who made her feel incapable of creating anything on her own. Soon, she lost all confidence in her craft and was unable to tap into that therapeutic form of expression. Click Joy’s image to watch her video and find out what happened next.

Jada Sezer

Jada Sezer completed a Masters in Child Psychology before she realized it wouldn’t take her where she wanted to go in life. Wrestling with the years and money she felt she wasted, she was able to find the confidence to follow her gut — despite feeling she’d disappointed people close to her. To the right, learn how she became a voice for many when she pursued a less-than-traditional path.

Ghizlan Guenez

Ghizlan Guenez grew up in a Middle Eastern culture that she felt attributed much of a woman’s value to her marital status. At 30 years old and fiercely single, she felt like she had failed in an important area of her life. Watch the video behind her photo to see what her family said when she decided to double down on paving a “nontraditional” path, and how she channeled her surplus time and energy into pursuing her passion.

Liz Matthews

Liz Matthews felt like she’d failed not long after starting her first business. Her founding group didn’t have enough collective experience to run a smooth operation. Then, Liz found out she was pregnant. A descent into loneliness was followed by a premature delivery. After nursing her baby back to health, Liz called a meeting with her directors to have an honest conversation. Find out what happened next in Liz’s testimonial, to the right.

Chrissy Rutherford

Chrissy Rutherford dreamt of working in the fashion industry from a young age. Within a month of landing her first job, she realized it wasn’t the right place for her. Suffering from severe anxiety and a total loss of appetite, she had to decide whether leaving the unhealthy environment made her a quitter — something she never considered herself. Click her image to unveil what happened once she decided to resign.

Maxim Magnus

Maxim Magnus began her transition at 17 years old. She confided in friends about her journey who ended up sharing her story without her consent. Spiraling into depression, she attempted to take her own life and subsequently dropped out of school. Hear how Maxim ultimately fought insecurity and solidified her identity in her video.

Serena Guen

A self-described “nerdy kid,” Serena Guen was crushed when she didn’t get into her dream university — two years in a row. Having to recalibrate her entire future, she ended up pursuing a degree abroad. Watch the video behind her photo to see what happened when Serena found herself lost in a foreign country without a network to rely on.

Chloe Macintosh

The biggest challenge Chloe Macintosh faced as an entrepreneur was when she had to ask others for help. She spent years building a business and taking care of her children only to separate from her husband at the height of success. She battled being alone with her thoughts and felt utterly exhausted. By clicking on her portrait, learn how Chloe turned from feeding the ego to feeding the soul.