A Note from Happy Not Perfect Founder Poppy Jamie on Mental Health


Hello there,

On October 10th, we’ll mark World Mental Health Day. This year, the focus is on young people and mental health in a changing world. At Happy Not Perfect, our mission is to support mental wellbeing, helping users to stress less, sleep better, and feel more calm.

For years, mental health has been taboo. When we can’t see something with the naked eye, it can be difficult to understand. From a young age, we’re taught to be perfect at all costs. This often means hiding your emotions and suffering in silence. Happy Not Perfect was born out of my desire to create a tool to help us all manage life better, bounce back from challenges, and find a greater peace of mind, despite what comes our way.

Times are changing, and we are realising that our minds need just as much care as our physical bodies. Mental health is at the centre of everything, and it affects every aspect of our lives. So why are we not prioritising this every single day?

We’re proud to team up with Bumble to not only raise awareness about the issues, but also provide the tools for people to take daily action in a way that's fun, simple, and personal. To do just that, we are offering the Bumble community unlimited free access to a meditation series on the Happy Not Perfect app focused on self-love, kindness, and confidence. Users will also get 30% off the premium version of the app, for unlimited access. Open the Bumble app from October 10th and match with the Happy Not Perfect profile card to redeem this.

I hope Happy Not Perfect can empower you to look after your mind. Happy Not Perfect is a mind gym, a friendly neuroscientist, a coach, and a cheerleader all in one. We hope you enjoy these daily exercises for less stress, better sleep, and a calmer mind.


Poppy Jamie

Founder, Happy Not Perfect

Please note that Happy Not Perfect is intended as a supplement to professional help for mental health concerns. Please visit your local doctor if you find yourself struggling. There are also free, nonprofit helplines and resources depending on your country of residence, including Mind in the U.K. and Crisis Text Line in the U.S.