STIL x Bumble


Marissa had no idea that she was about to meet her long term partner when she made the first move one New Year’s Day.

She cleverly asked, “How’s your year going?” Fast forward two years, and the pair are successful entrepreneurs (each with their own company) committed to supporting each other in business and life.

We had the pleasure of meeting Marissa in Vancouver in November of 2018. After hearing her success story, we knew we needed to collaborate with her through her organizational goods company named STIL. Marissa started STIL with the intention of empowering people who needed to get sh*t done because, let’s face it, our time is precious and our schedules are crazy!

If you made the resolution to stay organized in 2019 but have already given up, we're here — thanks to Marissa — to help get you back on track. Our limited edition STIL planner is designed to help you stay organized at your own pace. Forgot to write down your to-do list last week? No problem. The planner is undated and created for daily productivity and goal setting. You’ll find yourself effortlessly managing your busy days and buzzing nights in no time.

Our hope is that this planner will inspire you to take charge of your life — or at least the parts of it that really matter to you. You can purchase here, and look for the STIL profile in app to receive a special discount.