Your Body Is Your Ally, Even in Swimsuit Season

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This time of year, it can feel impossible to ignore the magazine cover lines and Instagram weight loss ads imploring you to work on your "beach body," or to make sure you're "bikini-ready."

Well, we at Bumble are firm believers that the beach will be happy to have you whatever your body looks like, whether you show up in a bikini, two-piece, floaty kaftan, or anything else you fancy wearing. The beach is for everyone, and swimsuits aren't to be feared.

It can be tough when you're bombarded with messaging that tells you otherwise, but remember this: your body is your ally. Respect it and be kind to it, but above all, make sure to love yourself, honey. Love the person living in it. 

Bumble was born out of a desire to empower women in all areas of their lives, in dating, business, and friendship. We know how important it is to feel confident in order to make the first move.

This month, we're launching a campaign called Body Confidante and have partnered with London-based swimwear brand Hunza G to create a fabulous, bespoke Bumble-yellow swimsuit. Hunza G's creative director Georgiana Huddart is an incredible entrepreneur, and part of the Bumble family; it was only fitting to collaborate with a female-first brand.

We're giving away 50 of these gorgeous suits to our users. Match with the 'Bumble x Hunza G' profile in the app for your chance to win.