Bumble Presents: Unsubscribe The Podcast

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There’s no escaping the power of social media over our lives, and it can often be a negative influence. We can feel dependent on digital approval — Instagram likes, for instance. It doesn’t have to be this way, and Bumble is teaming up with mental health and self-love advocate Jada Sezer to help listeners explore how mindfulness can help us ‘unsubscribe’ from negative patterns of behaviour.

Launching on March 14th and powered by Sony 4th Floor Creative Group, this new podcast aims to dive into behavioural patterns, identifying negative influences, and encouraging thoughts and actions that can empower us all, whether that means giving yourself a break, stepping away from people who don’t serve you, or making a choice to divert your energy into meaningful activities.

Confirmed guests include such inspiring women as broadcaster Emma Freud, journalist-turned-activist Bryony Gordon, and feminist campaigner Gina Martin. This impressive roster of influential women will be interviewed by Jada Sezer alongside Louise Troen, Bumble’s International VP of Marketing and Communications.

“Unsubscribe The Podcast” will be available to download from iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher from March 14th.

Listen to Episode 1 with Vanessa Kingori.

Listen to Episode 2 with Bryony Gordon.

Listen to Episode 3 with Joy Crookes.

Listen to Episode 4 with Gina Martin.

Listen to Episode 5 with Cassandra Gracey.

Listen to Episode 6 with Lauren Mahon.

Listen to Episode 7 with Scarlett Curtis.

Listen to Episode 8 now!