Inside Our London Ambassador Summit Weekend


Bumble recently hosted an Ambassador Summit Weekend in our Regent Street office in London. We invited empowered, ambitious, and inspiring women who had the opportunity to meet and network with like minded individuals, and got to learn more about Bumble’s mission.

From all ends of the UK, our Honeys and Queen Bees are individuals who strongly represent Bumble’s values. As Bumble ambassadors, they’re tasked each month to spread the word of female empowerment, respect, kindness, and gender equality across the country.


Delicious pizza by Homeslice and mouthwatering salads by Ole & Steen kept everyone going through the intensive training and skills workshops! But it was the yummy treats provided by Meringue Girls and Sugartits London that stole the show. No one could resist the personalised meringues with Bumble’s beehive logo and bee-shaped biscuits with the ambassadors’ names — the perfect instagram-worthy snack!

We finished the day with a brainstorming session on how to empower women and create a safe space for our users to date, make friends, and grow their careers. As a result of this work, keep an eye out for some exciting events coming to your city very soon!


Bumble greatly values our ambassadors’ ideas and local knowledge; they know better than anyone how to create the perfect events, activations, and marketing stunts that will make a splash across the UK. To show our gratitude, they were gifted with the ultimate Bumble gift packs including coveted Bumble jumpers, Bumble Bizz stationary sets, and mugs, in addition to exclusive pins and jewellery.

Want to be Bumble’s next Queen Bee or Student Ambassador? Apply below!

Bumble HQAndee Olson