5 of Brisbane’s Best Insta-worthy Bars to get Buzzed with your BFFs


Alright, here’s the sitch: Brisbane’s a small place, and we’re officially running out of Insta-worthy hang out spots. If you’re like me and have basically lived here your whole life, then you know exactly what I mean. It’s like half the photos on my feed are creative variations of the same place. I’m not sure about yours but my group chats usually go like this:

noti chat.jpg

Looks familiar, right?

It’s okay, because I’ve got a temporary solution - some low key bars that’ll keep your feed fresh and definitely make for a good girl’s night out with your BFFS. Brisbane doesn’t suck, take my word for it.

1. iL MOLO, Bulimba

4 words: Italian, Aperol Spritz & river views, what more could you want? Celebrating the Italian ritual of Aperitivo, at iL MOLO you can enjoy classic Italian aperitifs like Campari, Prosecco and Aperol with a plate of antipasto from 3-6pm, Tuesday – Sunday.

2. Fits + Potts, Nundah

Voted Brisbane’s Best Bar in 2016, if you haven’t been Fitts + Potts then it should be at the top of your bucket list. Think funky nanna style rooms filled with fresh colours, wallpaper, quirky furniture, and to top it off, a Bamboo Tiki Garden Rooftop Bar perfect for sipping mojitos on a Sunday arvo.

3. Paw Paw Café, Woolongabba

We all know Paw Paw café as Brisbane’s go-to brekkie spot but past 5pm is when the party starts. Think exotic fruit-infused cocktails (all under $20) and Thai food with funky tropical wallpapers to make for the perfect Insta pic.

4. Little Big House, South Bank

Summer is coming & Little Big House is the place to be when that post 30-degree heat-wave hits. There are slushie cocktails, punch and cocktails in cans, I mean… it just screams blissful summer. With palm trees, colorful awnings, and fresh deco, Little Big House is perfect for pics. You'll trick the world into thinking you’ve gone on a girls trip to Bali!

5. Canvas Club, Woolongabba

The Canvas Club is no doubt Brisbane’s most underrated bar. It’s literally an art canvas filled with murals that’ll brighten up your feed. You’ll die when you read the menu. Order a round with your girls and try one of their punny cocktails. To name a few, there’s the Missy Figgins, Forgetting Prince Harry, and Absolutely Pisco’d Darling — all under $20. Oh before I forget, they also have live music from 3pm-6pm every Sunday.

This should be enough to last you until the end of the year (I hope). Round-up your honeys, it’s time to bring the Brisbane scene back to life!

Xx Noti

Caitlin Ryan