5 different ways to hang out with your BFF in Newcastle


By Tegan Lee Seymour

My ideal BFF hangout is probably me and a good gal pal watching rom coms on Netflix while we eat pizza, drink wine and swipe through our phones. I personally never get sick of hanging out with my BFF and doing nothing, but sometimes it's fun to dress up and venture out into the world.

Once you've become ultra comfortable doing low-key activities together, like heading to Woolies in your pyjamas to grab some late night snacks and emergency tampons, it can be hard to return to planning meet-ups that involve a lot of forethought.

But rest assured I've rounded up some ideas that are sure to make you want to leap out of your tracksuit pants and into something nice! An outfit you'd categorised as your "Nice to Wear When I Go Out" look, but had currently remained unworn as you never do go out. It's okay we all have them, and now you'll have 5 places to wear them.

Head to a Paint Party

What better way to enjoy each others company than to get crafty? I love the sound of a night where you get together, drink wine, and give painting a good crack. I'm no Picasso, and your BFF probably isn't either — but that's where the wine comes in. By the end of the night, you'll swear you're the next Frida Kahlo as you view your masterpiece through hazy wine goggles. At the very least you'll both have a good laugh at how much better you haven't gotten since ninth grade art class.

Paint Your Town
Where: Merewether at a local pub
When: A few times a month
How Much: $55 if you want to go solo but the partner paint pass is $100

Get Your Stretch On

Yoga is more than just a good excuse to wear sweatpants. It can increase blood flow, improve flexibility, and elevate your overall mood. Why wouldn't you want to share those benefits with a friend? At the end of the day, you'll have a mutual hobby that you can both enjoy together. It's sure to bring you closer together, even if your BFF does ace that headstand way before you do. She'll be there to catch you when you (probably) fall.

Yoga for All
Where: Bolton Street, Newcastle
When: There are classes running from 7am to 7pm every day of the week
How Much: Pay what you can. Anything within $5 to $20 is considered acceptable

Drink Tea and Feel Fancy

Perfect for when it's raining outside, but you're both feeling a little more adventurous than Netflix in bed. The Tea Collective is a serene break from reality in the centre of Newcastle's bustling CBD. For the duration of two hours, you'll get to catch up on gossip with the gals while you're being served numerous snacks alongside different cups of tea. They do High Tea a little different here, with a focus on getting you to try all different types of tea rather than just sticking to your plain old Tetley. Come in a pair or bring along your whole tribe, all are welcome as long as you like a good cuppa. Don't forget your iPhone, as this place is definitely Insta-worthy!

The Tea Collective
Where: Darby Street, Cooks Hill
When: Weekends or Weekdays by request
How Much: $65 PP or add an extra $10 if you're Vegan/GF

Peruse a Local Market

I'd be generally surprised if there wasn't at least one market occurring every weekend in Newcastle. Ranging from the typical food markets to the monthly miscellaneous markets of both Olive Tree + Hunt and Gather, there'll always be one around to satisfy whatever kind of shopping mood you're in that day. Feeling like going for a wander, and grabbing some fresh fruit and veg to pop in your handmade basket? Newcastle Farmers Markets are on every Sunday. Need a quirky gift idea that is sure to hit the mark? Olive Tree Markets are on the first Saturday of each month, and Hunter & Gather are on every third Saturday. If you've managed to stumble upon a day in the middle, I'm sure there's a garage sale on nearby you could check out?

Where: Various parks around Newcastle
When: Pretty much every weekend
How Much: Free Entry!

Get Your Brain Tickin'

Maybe you spend a lot of your spare time brushing up on current events, or maybe you're particularly skilled at knowing the name of every single song that comes on the radio. Round up a few of your friends and head down to your local pub for some Trivia. You don't need to be that knowledgeable on any particular topics to play and you'll probably be surprised how many questions you can actually answer! Especially if you choose one themed around your favourite tv show like Gossip Girl or Friends. Grab some cocktails, order yourself a chicken schnitty and get ready to play! Quizmasters have trivia on at multiple Newcastle pubs from Monday to Thursday. You never know, you could win some cool prizes, like cash or more cocktails! Win Win.

Where: Almost every pub in Newcastle
When: Weeknights
How Much: Most are Free to play!

So next time you want to hang out with your BFF but feel like you can't think of anything interesting, give one of these a try. At the end of the day, if you're in good company, you're going to have a great time no matter what activity you choose to do!

Caitlin Ryan