Dating Outside the Box: 5 Unique Ideas in Newy

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By Tegan Lee Seymour

So you've matched with Mr. or Ms. Right and you've gotten through the first stage of getting to know one another. Everything is going well so far; they can hold a conversation, and they haven't sent you any unsolicited pictures. You're thinking, maybe it's time to finally meet? But where should we go on our first date? Dinner and a movie is a traditional date idea, it's safe. But is it really telling you all you need to know about your potential new partner?

You need to see who they really are, in situations that don't just come up while you're eating a meal.

You want to see them when the pressure is on, how they react in different scenarios. Trust me, you don't want the deal-breaking moment coming at you months into the relationship. You want to get that out of the way ASAP. 

So here's a few "Outside of the Box" date ideas that are definitely going to give you some insight into what your special person is really like. Because there's only so much you can learn by heading out to a restaurant. (If they're rude to the waitstaff - get outta there!)

Get Your Bounce On

You've seen it on social media, now get ready to immerse yourself in a truly energetic experience at the Trampoline Park. Laughter is contagious and once you're both flying around in the air over 50 interconnected trampolines you'll both be in bouncy fits of giggles. It's all in good fun though, so keep an eye on their jumping style. Are they bouncing you a little too aggressively? Getting aggravated when others bounce in their space? Or are they keen for a little handholding bounce action? Bonus points for any sick (and safely landed) backflips. 

Revolution Park

Where: Maryville

When: 9am until late - 7 Days a Week

How Much: One hour of Trampolining will cost you $16.50

Hit a Few Balls

Head into the beautiful Hunter Valley and get whacking some balls. In Aqua Golf that is. Situated outside of the marvellous Hunter Valley Gardens, you'll find a rather large pond and plenty of golf sticks. Grab a club each, a bucket of golf balls and start hitting them into the distance. There are various targets for you to hit, with prizes to be won if you do! Like cash or ice cream.

Date wise, are they happy to help you work on your swing? Are they a little too unhappy when you're clearly the more skilled golfer of the two? If they're purposely aiming for the ducks in the pond, or they throw their golf stick to the ground in a huff. It's time to drop them and go!

Golf to the Max

Where: Hunter Valley Gardens Village off Broke Rd, Pokolbin

When: 9.30am - 4.30pm - 7 Days a Week

How Much: 1 Bucket of Balls $9 or 2 for $15

Just Try and Escape

Now this date will tell you everything you need to know about the other person in under 5 minutes. I can almost guarantee. Unfortunately, if it's bad news, you'll still be trapped with them until the timer goes off. Escape rooms are one big puzzle, filled with little puzzles. And as the name suggests, only once you've solved them, will you be able to escape. These rooms are all about teamwork. 

You may want to double date for this one, as the more people there are the quicker you'll be able to crack the codes. Now listen up for a major red flag alert. They don't let you solve any of the puzzles without taking over, then they take credit for all of your puzzle solving abilities or they just straight up dismiss any of your valuable discoveries. Hit the panic button and run! But reverse all of that and then add working well as a team? You've caught yourself a winner. 

Unexpected Exit

Where: Hunter Street, Newcastle

When: Various days until late. Closed Wednesdays.

How Much: $30 Per Person

Go for a Little Drive

A little trip around the race track a dozen times is sure to tell you everything you need to know about the other person. Well at least whether or not they get road rage. Put away your banana peels, this isn't on Nintendo, we're headed Go-Karting! Buckle up and get behind the wheel, this date isn't a long one but it'll give you some insight into the kind of person you're hanging out with, and if all goes well you can continue the date by playing some mini golf just outside. There are plenty of rules to follow when you're go-karting, and if you don't follow them then someone could get seriously hurt. You definitely don't need someone who is going to act like an immature child and not listen when it comes to safety. Add points if they're genuinely fine with you beating them in a race.


Where: Broadmeadow

When: 10am till late Weekdays and 9am till late on Weekends

How Much: $50 Per Person for 2 x 15 Minute Sessions

Break free of Reality

We're already doing almost everything with technology nowadays, even making new friends and meeting new people. So why not let it be the source of a new dating experience? Enter Virtual Reality, which is way more entertaining than just watching your date play Fortnite. Watch in delight as your date flails around while wearing their VR Headset and playing Fruit Ninja. Sharing is caring, make sure you're both getting equal time to play. Or just book two stations and play together at the same time. Bonus points if they don't make too much fun of you for screaming when you see the shark during the deep blue ocean game. 

Unreal VR

Where: Charlestown

When: Midday until 5pm most days, and closed Wednesdays

How Much: Starts at $25 for 30 Minutes Per VR Station

Start lining up those dates, as these rendezvous ideas will help speed up the matchmaking process. There'll be a ring on your finger in no time! Or at the very least you'll be able to get out of a potentially poor situation before it even begins. These fun date ideas are sure to bring out the worst in anyone you may be interested in. So if you still like them afterwards, you might have found the one.