5 Budget-Friendly Dates in Sydney

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By Anoushka

Sydney is an expensive city, and the whole dinner-and-drinks date gets old fast. Whether you’re waiting for the next pay check to come in or you went a little overboard with the “treat yourself” mentality, we’ve all been there. So, why not do something different? If it’s a first date with someone you matched with on Bumble or the fiftieth with your steady partner, check out these guaranteed fun date ideas to keep you, your date, and your wallet happy.

Feeling like a laugh?

The easiest way to tell if you will get along with someone is by their sense of humour. There are heaps of comedy clubs around Sydney showcasing established comedians and first-timers where you are bound to have a giggle. Check out Tudor Comedy in Redfern for a free open mic show or The Comedy Lounge for established acts at just $10.

Feeling hungry?

We all know dumplings are the greatest culinary creation, and they make great date food because you can try out a bunch and share too. Every Friday night, Chinatown plays host to every foodie’s dream night market. Indulge in street food from all over Asia from octopus takoyaki to laksa. If you’re less adventurous stick to the well known dumplings for just a few dollars. Be sure to check out the stalls in-between for cute trinkets while on your way to figure out what to eat next. 

Feeling energetic?

There are so many activities to do around Sydney for those with energy to burn — and for less than $50. Take in the views on the Bondi to Coogee walk where, apparently, you can spot whales. But if you don’t, you could find your new favourite secluded beach spot like Gordon’s Bay.

If your date is a bit more daring, try out kayaking with Sydney Harbour Kayaks. Rent a couple single kayaks and have a competitive date, or work together in a double seater. For those looking for a bit more excitement, scale walls at one of Sydney’s indoor rock climbing centres. Makes for a good laugh while wearing those ridiculous harnesses or just some friendly competition. 

Feeling childish?

Break the ice on your date and do something a bit silly like bounce around a trampoline park. Have fun jumping around while also accidentally exercising at SkyZone which offers hundreds of trampolines. Another option? Have a ball and go bowling and play in the arcade at Manhattan Superbowl.

If you’re after something a bit more cute and casual, head to Wild Life Sydney Zoo or the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. You’ll be sent right back to your childhood when you see your favourite animal.

Feeling nostalgic?

Do something cultured and be a tourist in your own city, you’re bound to discover something you never realized existed or had never done before. Hit up one of Sydney’s many museums and learn something new; head to the Observatory to see the stars; go for a picnic at Wendy Whitely’s Garden in Lavender Bay; or take a stroll around Circular Quay for the sights. Regardless if it’s something you’ve done before or a completely new experience, it will be even more memorable sharing it with someone.


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