How to Create a Bumble Bizz Profile That Will Get You Noticed


Consider your Bumble Bizz profile your modern resume and portfolio, with a twist: you can be completely honest about your goals. This isn’t like showing up to a formal job interview where you have to conceal some things and reveal others in order to land the specific job you’ve applied for. Being truthful about your ambitions and aspirations is welcome here! So, first things first, fill out your Bumble Bizz bio completely.


You’ll see the format of your Bumble Bizz bio differs a bit from your Bumble Date or Bumble BFF bio. There’s more to communicate when you're networking, so we gave you more room to tell your professional story.


You have 100 characters to write a workable elevator pitch. Say why you’re here and how you intend to use Bumble Bizz. Looking for an intern? Hoping to connect with a fellow creative? Hiring for a new position? Explain that in this space. For example: “I’m an architect in need of a web developer to help build my new business website.”


You can include up to four jobs, including company name and title, at a time. That time you’ve invested in your career ought to go proudly on the record!


Similarly, you can show up to four places of education at a time. Whether it’s your HSC, your apprenticeship, your degree or your masters — here’s the place to showcase your background.


The About section is where you’ll get into the details of whatever you’ve said in your Headline. You have far more breathing room here to tell your story so far, and what you want to do next. Let’s say you’ve moved jobs. Here’s where you detail the route you’ve taken to your current position. You can also use the About section to go deep into your specialised experience: what makes you unique and marketable. And if you’re just starting out, unleash your passion, state your goals, and don’t hold back!


We always suggest introducing yourself to potential matches with a professional headshot. After that, you still have five photo fields to play with. Are you a designer? An artist? An executive at a major company? Try using this section as a portfolio, posting either examples of your work or the companies you’ve done substantial work for. Photos are the visual component to the overall story you’re telling, so be sure to use them to create a strong narrative about yourself as a professional.

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