These Are Your Sign’s Strengths as Told in Your March Horoscopes


By Jake Register, @jakesastrology

This month we’re focusing on the strengths of the signs that make us unique. We asked Instagram’s favourite astrologer to tell us more about our instinctive traits and how to kick-ass this March!


You’re the only cardinal fire sign in the zodiac, your bold and brash spirit is unforgettable and you leave an impression on everyone you encounter! Your sign represents inspiration and independence, and you’re a natural-born leader Aries with an unstoppable can-do attitude! Even though you can be short-sighted, your bright ideas and sudden flashes of inspiration are what make you so exciting and memorable. When you’re involved with a group project, you stand out from the rest of your colleagues because of your ability to think up unique solutions to any kind of problem and the way you generate excitement and a healthily competitive spirit. You attract tonnes of friends with your vibrant personality, and seek out people that are just as exciting and unique as you. You want to be able to stand out from the others in your squad, but it has to be made up of people that are all able to shine in their own way, too. You attract the same kinds of professional relationships—people who respect your independence that are also individualistic enough to catch your attention, too. It’s not easy to satisfy your never ending need for excitement, but with a social circle like yours, life is never boring!


Your sheer determination and never-ending will are your biggest strengths. As an earth sign, you’re practical, level-headed, and reliable. As a fixed sign, you’re able to fully commit to a cause, can keep your eye on the prize when it comes to long-term goals, and work tirelessly until you accomplish what you set out to do—even if it does give you a reputation for being the most stubborn sign! When you’re left to your own devices to finish a job, you have to do things your way (aka: the best way!) and never leave a project until you see it through to the very end. When you’re placed on a team, you rarely take the role of the leader, but defs make up for it because your endless perseverance inspires everyone else to get the job done, and you carry your team to success every time! You view relationships as an investment, and only surround yourself with friends and colleagues that you think are worth your time and energy. Once you find someone that clicks, however, you stand by them 100% and are deeply compassionate and caring of them! Even in the professional realm, you take care of your own and your favorite co-workers are often supported by your workhorse-like traits helping them accomplish their goals. Venus, planet of love, and the Moon, luminary of emotions and nurturing, are at their happiest in your sign, and it shows with the deeply loving bonds you form.


The three ingredients that make up a Gemini are a quick mind, endless curiosity, and the conversational skills of a master socialite. You’re an air sign, which you can attribute your intellectual traits to (also, the reason why you’re such a chatterbox) and you’re also considered to be a mutable sign, which means you’re adaptable and flexible enough that no matter the setting, you’re able to thrive and have a good time. You can jump into any crowd and before you know it, a room full of strangers becomes a social hangout. You connect with others in the blink of an eye, and you always “know a guy” for any circumstances imaginable! Whether you’re thinking about friendships, extended networks, or professional relationships with peers, you love to have variety in the multitude of connections you have. Getting easily bored is a problem you face—that’s why you’re so scatterbrained and easily distracted. If something or someone doesn’t particularly excite you, you don’t hesitate to say “thank u, next” and move on to something more thrilling. This ensures that your surroundings are always interesting and fun, though, something that your endlessly youthful and upbeat sign deserves! You have an open mind and an open heart and accept people from all walks of life, and with your expert social skills bring people together who are completely different and may not have met without your help. Your supercomputer of a brain soaks in information like a sponge, and you’re naturally a jack-of-all-trades, able to contribute in a variety of ways to group activities, making you a valuable asset no matter what the project is. People love to have you around, not just because of your irresistible charm, but because you’re talented and helpful in a variety of unique ways!


In astrology, the moon represents one’s emotions, how one feels nurtured and comforted, and one’s inner self. Your sign is the moon’s favorite, which is reflected in your considerate, protective, and sensitive personality. When it comes to making others feel comforted and loved, you’re the zodiac’s champion. You’re incredibly emotional (which explains why you can get so crabby) and instinctively invest your feelings in all of your relationships, even casual friendships. That’s why people love having you around, though—you’re the “mum friend” of the group and a great listener that always has a shoulder for your loved one to cry on whenever they need it. Even at work, you’re always poised to help out a coworker or guide a peer through a task. People love working with you because you’re motivated to support and take care of individual team member’s needs by constantly checking in, asking questions, and lending a hand. When you form a deep connection, it always lasts for a long time, because it takes such a great deal of trust for you to come out of your shell. True friends are few and far between, but the quality of your relationships make up for the quantity. The love and support you unconditionally provide others helps propel them to reach their goals, and as they become more and more successful through their achievements, they remember your contributions and more than make up for it by doing all they can to pull you up and help you rise to meet your goals. 


Astrologically speaking, signs are categorized by element (fire, earth, air, water) and modality, or what motivates them most (cardinal, fixed, mutable). Your sign sounds contradictory at first, as the zodiac’s only fixed fire sign. How can something as uncontrollable, powerful, and alive as fire be considered “fixed” energy or stuck in one place? Think of fixed fire energy like a fireplace, the central source of warmth in a home, of your heart, the muscle that pumps life throughout your body. You’re known as the most loyal sign, the most creative sign, and the sign of royalty. Like a benevolent Queen, you require that your friends—or subjects, as you sometimes think of them—are completely devoted to you. You more than pay them back by being even more loyal and lighting up their life with your constant love and affection. In astrology, your sign is ruled by the Sun, which represents creativity, ego, and motivation. The Sun is another good way to visualize “fixed fire” energy—it’s the center of the solar system, constantly providing light and warmth which is responsible for all life as we know it! You have heaps of natural talent, an addictive charismatic personality, and no matter what the context, you can bring something fresh and exciting to the table. At work, you take the role of leader with ease, inspiring others to work their best with your determined attitude and rewarding their wins with praise and affection that motivates them even further! Like moths to a flame, all sorts of characters are drawn to you. You have an incredibly complex personality with heaps of talent and creativity that everyone appreciates—you’re truly the superstar of the zodiac!


Your sign is a contradiction, as it’s classified as an earth sign that is also “mutable,” which means flexible and adaptable. Earth signs are grounded, reliable, and love routine, but you stand out from the rest due to your mutable nature. You’re a practical thinker and the zodiac’s hardest worker, and can masterfully navigate any challenge thanks to your perseverance and cleverness which allows you to work with the details of a problem and work around any obstacle that comes your way. Where your fellow earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn have one tried-and-true method to working, you’re able to adapt and think critically, which makes you an incredibly valuable asset in the workplace. You’re the one that fixes all of the forgotten details left behind by your peers and you work diligently to perfect the final touches of a presentation or project, making sure everything is just right. You don’t mind taking the passenger seat, either—as long as you get clear directions, your managers can consider your job as good as done, and all you need to feel satisfied is a “thank you!” Your friends love you for the same reasons—you instinctually want to help and offer your services to your loved ones without expecting it in return. All it takes is for you to feel needed and appreciated for you to find satisfaction in your friendships. Your devotion and work ethic are admirable and act as the glue that holds your projects, your social circle, and your team together!


There ain’t no party like a Libra party, because a Libra party don’t stop! You’re the zodiac’s socialite, represented by the constellation of the Scales, and are known for your ability to harmonize any social situation through your abilities as a natural diplomat. Your sign is the sign of relationships, so teamwork is your forte in the workplace. There could be a group of people with nothing alike working together on a project, but as long as they have a Libra with them, everything is all but guaranteed to run perfectly. That’s because you’re the zodiac’s ultimate people person and can start conversations, organize plans, and get to work on your project without a hitch, and everyone involved is happy. Your naturally objective view of things helps you stay fair and treat everyone equally, which is why your friend circle is so large. You attract and maintain a variety of relationships with all sorts of different people because your ability to code-switch and pick just the right words for any scenario help you blend in like a chameleon everywhere you go. Your sign is the favorite of Venus, the planet of love and beauty—that’s why your sign is known for it’s universal good looks and has a reputation of being a people-pleaser. All of these traits combine to make you the power-partner. Romantically, platonically, or in a professional setting, you’re the ideal teammate that anyone could ask for. You’re accommodating, creative, and bubbly—what’s not to love?


You’re the zodiac’s most secretive sign, and getting close and personal with you is no easy feat. Superficiality doesn’t interest you at all, so the workplace chit-chat that everyone else participates in feels like a chore to you. Hey—nothing wrong with that! Scorpios just like to keep it real, which is why the few people you do accept onto your friends list respect and love you so much. As the zodiac’s only fixed water sign, you’re filled to the brim with deep emotions but you never let it show unless you want to. As the saying goes, “still waters run deep,” and you’re a perfect example of that. With these emotions comes passion unmatched by any other sign—you throw yourself wholeheartedly into your relationships, your work, and the causes you believe in, and push non-stop to reach your goals. This all-or-nothing personality and intense drive to succeed is what makes you such a power player in the workplace. Whether it’s a part-time retail job over the summer or a salaried corporate gig, you don’t half ass your job, and that earns you heaps of respect. Although you’re not a frequent fixture in the social lives of your co-workers, you still have a strong presence and leave an impression on everyone you connect with. With friends, you’re equally as impactful. You’re the sign of intimacy, which goes way beyond the sexual kind! When you care deeply about someone, your all-or-nothing extremist tendencies take over and you go the extra mile for them, investing your all into the relationship. When you have a friend—a real friend—it lasts a long, long, time. Even if there’s a falling out somewhere down the line, the intensity of your relationship is absolutely unforgettable and they continue to carry a piece of you long after you part ways.


When you walk into a room, everyone notices it! Your lifestyle is so loud and proud that you make a scene wherever you go—in the best way possible, of course! You’re the zodiac’s most optimistic and outgoing sign, and your fiery personality dazzles everyone you come in contact with! You have an innate sense of wanderlust that gives your sign its reputation as an adventurous, outdoorsy, travel-loving type, but it also turns every relationship, every workday, and every interaction into a learning experience and are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to learn more and broaden your mind. You’re just excited about life, and it shows. Your smile is contagious, your corny jokes always manage to make others laugh, and you always have an entertaining story or interesting fact to share! You’re notoriously non-committal, but even in superficial workplace interactions your over-the-top personality and jolly attitude leave people thinking that you’re best pals! Simply put, you’re just incredibly likable, and you bring an unapologetically bright and honest outlook to the table that people love to experience. You’re insanely ambitious with sky-high goals and somehow always exceed your own expectations, thanks to your can-do attitude and ability to think fast on your feet. Like all fire signs, you inspire others with how bright and vibrant you are—without you, life would be way less thrilling!


Out of all 12 signs, you’re the most commitment-focused. To you, the more reliable and structured something is, the better. Some might call your approach to things uninspired or boring, but you view it as just being sensible! You’re the sign associated with status, achievements, and success, and you can’t live up to that standard by dilly-dallying and wasting time! In the workplace, you go from entry-level positions to the top of the food chain in a split second because of your industrious work ethic and sheer determination to become the best of the best, which you always manage to accomplish! Your managers admire you (and it doesn’t take long for you to become their boss) and your teammates can always count on you to get the job done. In group activities, you naturally take the role of the leader (the only option, in your eyes) and can calculate how to utilise each team member’s talents to get the job done perfectly in as little time as possible. Earth signs are business-savvy and are always able to get sh*t done. Stubborn and determined Taurus’ motto is “work harder, not smarter,” analytical and detail-oriented Virgo’s motto is “work smarter, not harder,” but your sign says “Why can’t you work smarter and harder?” This devotion to success is reflected in your friendships as well. You’re no social butterfly and can easily come off as cold or aloof, but when you find someone that you click with, you instantly latch on and work towards a rock-solid relationship with lasting value.


As an air sign, your biggest strength is sourced from your relationships. Flighty Gemini is a quick learner and masters their surroundings through superficial connections, and Libra is a people-person that flourishes in one-on-one relationships. Your sign combines these two concepts, allowing you to have a wide network made up of a variety of people (you’re the most eccentric sign and want to surround yourself with all types of unique people) while still maintaining intimate personal relationships. You’re insanely intelligent and your huge brain helps you have not only an accurate image of the “big picture,” but also an understanding of how every individual is complex and contributes to the collective in their own way. Those born under the sign of the Water Bearer are the zodiac’s humanitarians, always willing to work with others with an open mind and an even more open heart. When it comes to platonic relationships, pretty much everyone is your friend! Even when you’re meeting someone for the very first time, your weird-but-charming personality leaves them with a smile on their face and makes them want to get to know you. At work, you’re the office clown, a total trickster that knows how to get along with everybody else while still having the smarts and professional know-how to make up for all of the time you spend joking around. Teamwork makes the dream work, as they say, and you’re the ultimate team player! You have solid grasp on the unique skills and traits of everyone in the workplace and know how to support each individual’s work to make your team run efficiently as a whole, an impossible task for other more introverted or narrow-minded signs. 


You’re emotional and sensitive, thanks to your nature as a water sign, and your feelings flow as freely as a coursing river. Your mood changes with the tiniest shift in the atmosphere, and you can go from feeling on top of the world to being at rock bottom then back to a happy-go-lucky attitude in just a few minute. Because of this, it’s within your nature to treat others solely with compassion, because you understand the power that emotions have on others. Your sign gets dragged for being over-the-top and gets called a crybaby, but that’s only because your emotional depth isn’t easily understood by others. Hidden in your ocean of emotions is a kaleidoscopic imagination and a heart of pure gold, dreaming up an idealistic world that you want to bring to life by doing everything you can for the ones you care about. At work, you take the time to ask thoughtful questions and show your peers that you care on a level that goes beyond what’s expected in a professional relationship, and you go the extra mile and more for your friends when it comes to understanding and supporting their dreams and emotions. Are you the most practical sign? Absolutely not—but where you lack in pragmatism, you more than make up for it by inspiring others with your colourful imagination, bright ideas, and compassionate soul.

Charlotte Fleming