Your February Horoscopes Are Here In Time For Valentine's Day!

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By Jake Register, @jakesastrology

We asked Instagram’s favorite astrologer to let you know what the planets have in store for you for the most romantic month of the year.


Happy February! It’s Aquarius season, one of the most social times of year for you. Aside from spending tons of time with your friends, you can expect some serious business hookups — and the more ‘fun’ kinds of hookups — to come your way at the next networking event or summer party. Use these new connections to make some extra money; Venus in Capricorn starting February 3rd is the perfect time to impress managers on the job and attract enough positive attention to earn a big raise or promotion. 

It’s crazy busy, but come Valentine’s Day, Mars — planet of action — enters slow-paced Taurus. It’s not a complete snooze-fest: it helps focus your typically explosive energy in a more deliberate way, giving you the stamina to complete big projects at work. Pisces season begins right afterwards, on February 18th, and life continues to slow down with the watery sign’s chilled out vibes. Thanks to Venus and Mars being in earth signs all month, you’re still able to take care of business on the job, but outside of that you’re fresh out of luck! No worries, though — your zodiacal season is next month, and you’ll be more vibrant and alive than ever! 


Despite the career-focused mood that Aquarius season brings, it can feel tough to get motivated. As a hard-working earth sign, you’ve luckily still been able to go through the motions and take care of business. On February 3rd, Venus, planet of love and money, enters Capricorn, a like-minded earth sign. When Venus enters another earth sign, relationships of all kinds prosper, especially at work. In Capricorn, not only will you be attracting more money (plus opportunities to travel, both for fun and for work!) but you’ll be feeling a little more adventurous in love and more willing to try new things. Get on Bumble and start swiping. Your next match could be someone who isn’t your usual type, but becomes your next “LTR” (long-term relationship)!

Your likelihood of connecting with new people improves on February 10th, when planet of communication Mercury enters Pisces and heaps of new connections — platonic, business, or romantic — trickle into your life. This only increases come the 18th when Pisces season begins and life’s overall mood becomes social and friendly. Oh, BTW — Mars enters your sign on Valentine’s Day, meaning your energy levels are cranked up to 200% and you’re gifted with six weeks of amplified stamina and confidence! 


At the start of the month, lovely Venus in Sagittarius connects with the planet of disruption, Uranus, bringing some eccentric characters to your usual hangout spots! You could be stuck chatting with someone you find a little awkward, or you could feel attracted to an unexpected face in the crowd. Aquarius season has you feeling more adventurous and playful, so why not approach this new dreamboat? Ask ‘em to go out for a drink or hit up your favourite brunch spot and enjoy your new flirtationship! (Yes, we made that word up, but it works, right?)

Your sign is notoriously non-committal but this connection might be the start of something new! You have a better idea if you’re ready to take things more seriously in your love life after February 3rd, once Venus enters Capricorn. Capricorn is a serious sign that invests the hard yards in everything they do — especially relationships — and Venus here has you in the mood to do the same.

Speaking of working hard, you’re doing a lot of that on the job come Pisces season on February 18th. This shifts much of your focus to career-related matters, which is helped out by Venus in Capricorn, and you can look forward to a surprise raise or extra cash around February 23rd. 


Oi, crabby, get rid of the attitude! Aquarius season has you down in the dumps, sure, but that’s no reason to keep a frown on your face! It can feel like life’s nothing but work, but a more lighthearted mood starts to blossom on February 3rd, once Venus enters Capricorn. Whenever Venus, planet of love and pleasure, enters your opposite sign, your relationships of all kinds prosper. New friendships, relationships, and business agreements that start up now are bound to work out well, so open up Bumble and get to swiping! Come February 10th, Mercury, planet of travel and communication, enters Pisces, another water sign like yours. This fixes your mood right on up as the astrological atmosphere harmonises with you more and more.

Momentum builds as the month goes on, and on Valentine’s Day, Mars, planet of energy and motivation, enters Taurus. This brings a ton of activity to your social life and lessens the work-related pressure you’ve been dealing with. On February 18th, Pisces season begins and you’re finally able to get rid of the sour taste left in your mouth from Aquarius season. Life becomes more adventurous and optimistic. Despite the slow start to the month, there’s a big turnaround in the energy as February goes on, so chin up!


There’s love in the air and you’re itching for excitement at the start of the month. This comes from amorous Venus’ sweet connection with Uranus, planet of surprises. First dates or hookups around this time may be outside of your usual routine, but in an exciting and unforgettable way. Since it’s still Aquarius season, your general focus is on relationships and you’re spending most of your time with your bestie or significant other. Venus enters Capricorn on February 3rd, meaning that the influx of activity in your love/sex life is turning down, and action is increasing in your work relationships. Yeah, it sucks to have to put work before fun, but go hard in the office now and Venus in Capricorn is sure to attract a good deal of extra cash before it’s all said and done. 

Despite the extra time spent at work, the month still holds a few fun surprises for you. Jupiter, the planet of good luck, is currently spreading its expansive energy in your love and sex life (all year actually) and all sorts of different planets mix and mingle with it until February 10th, when Mercury enters Pisces, followed by the Sun shortly afterwards on the 18th. Under the water vibes of Pisces, life becomes less flashy and exciting and more emotional and serious. If this transit has got you feeling down, don’t worry — Mars enters Taurus on February 14th and brings the motivation to make serious career moves and accomplish a ton of upwards mobility at work despite the moodiness.


You’re in for a bloody good time this February! Your sign’s been flat-out like a lizard drinking forever, especially with super-hectic Aquarius season going on. When you aren’t clocking in overtime hours at work, you’re taking care of chores, struggling to get through your to-do list, and not having much fun! Luckily, a breath of fresh air comes after the 3rd, when Venus shoots through Sagittarius and glides into fellow earth sign Capricorn. This placement of the planet of pleasure strongly stimulates your romantic life. It’s an exciting, once-a-year transit that can become rather hedonistic if you aren’t careful! Whether you’re keeping things to a casual few dates or open to your next long-term relationship, the next few weeks look promising for your love life!

On February 10th, your sign’s favorite planet, Mercury, enters Pisces, your opposite sign. This increases communication with your romantic partner. If you’re single, it’s a good time to link up with new people and see what kind of magic happens! Just in time for Valentine’s Day on the 14th, Mars enters Taurus, another earth sign, amplifying your confidence and encouraging you to venture outside of your comfort zone. Pisces season begins on the 18th and life revolves around relationships, it seems. You’re not the assertive type, but if you spot a cutie in the crowd and you’re feeling keen, it’s time to go and make the first move — you might be surprised by how quickly they say “yes!”


It’s Aquarius season, and you’re absolutely living it up, Libra! It’s the most fun month of the year for your sign, and you’re able to be yourself, feel more outgoing than ever, and find time for romance if you’re interested! Come the 3rd, when Venus slides into Capricorn, your love life quiets down, however. The relationships with your family, roommates, and friends are more important now, but that doesn’t mean romance isn’t on the cards — it’s just that any adult sleepovers you have tend to be at your place!

You focus more and more on business-related affairs as February goes on. On the 10th, Mercury enters Pisces and on the 14th, Mars enters Taurus. This astrology is very work-oriented and your to-do list just gets longer and longer. Switch over to Bumble Bizz and Mercury, the planet of commerce and technology, in Pisces can help you make great connections with potential future collaborators. By the 18th, when Pisces season begins, you find that life has accelerated to a rather fast-paced tempo and it’s hard to pay attention to anything but work. Don’t stress — remember Venus in Capricorn? This is the perfect placement to keep you feeling grounded and calm at home after a long day’s work. Oh, and P.S.: Venus in Capricorn is a money magnet for your sign. Make sure you’re saving it up! 


Life’s been moving at a turtle’s pace thanks to Aquarius season turning you into a bit of a homebody. It’s been contemplative and calm, but are you ready for some action? Hope so, because your life begins to accelerate from February 3rd onwards when Venus enters Capricorn. Venus feels rather social now and is keen on making new connections. This is the time of year where you’re on Bumble 24/7 and can’t keep track of all your new matches and mates! You’re known to be introverted and hesitant to approach new people, but Venus in Capricorn is the perfect push in the right direction you need to start linking up and taking new relationships seriously.

These new connections aren’t just limited to platonic or professional networking. On the contrary, your love life is actually getting a shot of adrenaline! On the 10th, talkative Mercury zooms into Pisces, followed by the Sun on the 18th. Any planetary activity in Pisces helps you to open up, feel confident and outgoing, and indulge in romance. Whichever lucky suitor is your Valentine’s date is in for an unforgettable experience as Mars, the planet of passion, enters Taurus, your opposite sign. This could otherwise spur stress and arguments, but by using this energy productively you can collaborate to build strong relationships. 


Venus is in your sign at the start of the month, meaning you look and feel way more attractive — and you’re a magnet for cash and cuties! On the 3rd, Venus moves into Capricorn, and the party carries on! This placement of Venus for your sign is a big money-maker, but if you’re not careful it can make you a bigger spender, too. Thanks to the compatible vibes of Aquarius season, much of this month is busy, but not unpleasantly so. You’re always on the go and your phone’s blowing up. Texts from friends, important emails, and constant phone calls will keep coming in during the first couple weeks of the month, and you’re glued to your phone!

The rest of the month is all work and no play, unfortunately. Mars enters Taurus on the 14th, meaning you’re throwing most of your energy into your job for the next several weeks. You’re the zodiac’s free spirit so these “schedules” and “responsibilities” are a real pain! Any kind of settling down is your worst nightmare, but the tail end of the month compels you to put your feet on the ground for a spell. Come Pisces season on the 18th, your previously upbeat and busy attitude has cooled off substantially, and you’re spending all your time at home when you’re not working. It’s not an easy astrological atmosphere, but by working hard and resting easy at home when you’re off, you can make heaps of cash this month. 


Happy February! It’s been all work, no play since your sign’s season, but this month holds heaps of fun and excitement for your sign! Starting on the 3rd, Venus, planet of love and pleasure, enters your sign. If you’ve felt isolated or neglected lately, expect your mood to do a 180º as you find that all eyes are on you. You’re feeling your best, and it’s the perfect time to chat up your crush and ask for their number, go on a first date, get a makeover, or update your wardrobe! On Valentine’s Day, Mars, the planet of passion and action, enters Taurus. For your sign, this lights a fire in your love life and gives you endless confidence. Enjoy this burst of energy — it lasts for six weeks and only happens once every two years!

The pace continues to quicken all month, and when Pisces season begins on the 18th, you’re going at a brisk pace, constantly up to something. It’s not a stressful time; you’re just the most popular sign right now! You’re always responding to DMs, calling friends on the phone, and attending social gatherings. You’re on the go 24/7 and you’re bound to bump into some new faces that may, if you’re keen, become your next crush or fling! With Venus in your sign, and Mars in a rather sexy zone of your chart, this month is perfect for starting new relationships or taking an existing relationship more seriously.


Happy birthday! The first half of February is still Aquarius season, meaning that it’s all about you! You’re able to stand out with ease, feel more energetic, pursue personal goals, engage with others more deeply—whatever you want to do, you feel better doing it. On the 2nd, Venus, the planet of relationships, forms a harmonious angle with Uranus, the planet of surprises, bringing eccentric new characters into your social circle. If the new face in the crowd is cute to you, you can confidently approach them and make the first move, thanks to Mercury, planet of communication, in your sign. The very next day, the 3rd, Venus enters Capricorn. This isn’t the happiest placement for your sign — you may notice that you feel neglected by others, and it’s not easy to meet new people. If you have a new relationship blossoming, you’ll find yourself having heaps of private time!

Mars enters Taurus on Valentine’s Day, and you feel like you’re moving in slow-motion. You’re staying in more , whether that means working from home, just feeling less social, or chucking a few sickies to avoid office politics. Pisces season starts on the 18th and things slow down even more. The latter half of February is one long snooze-fest for your sign, Aquarius. Enjoy it — things aren’t particularly stimulating now, but you have the opportunity to relax and unwind while the other signs are super busy!


Happy February! The first half of the month is your sign’s big chance to chase your personal goals and catch up on any work that’s overdue or incomplete. Venus is known as the planet of relationships and pleasure to most, but it also rules over money. At the start of the month, it’s in Sagittarius, spreading good luck in your work-related relationships. Mars, the planet of energy, is in Aries at the same time, encouraging you to persevere and carry on at work until you get the job done — a drastic difference from your stereotypical nature as a daydreaming escapist.

On the 3rd, Venus enters Capricorn, starting a three-week period of way more activity in your social life, as well as plenty of networking opportunities! The chance to make significant new connections goes up on the 10th when Mercury, planet of communication and technology, zooms into your sign. Open up Bumble and start swiping. Whether you’re looking for love, friends, or professional connections, Mercury in your sign is determined to help you out! On the 14th, Mars enters Taurus, and your phone doesn’t stop going off as important emails and phone calls are coming through in addition to your matches messaging you! 

Come February 18th, it’s Pisces season, so happy birthday! The rest of the month is all about you, little fish! The astro-weather is rather business-oriented for your sign at the moment, but you’re easily able to balance work and play thanks to heaps of action in your chart coming from Saturn, planet of responsibility. The big theme of the month is networking. Bumble Bizz will come in handy this month, without a doubt, and you’re able to find useful professional contacts — as well as flirting with new potential dates on Bumble all month long!