WTF Do I Wear?

chokers, graphic tee, off the shoulder crop top, metallic jeans, boots, messenger bag, sunnies 

Here at Bumble, we’re big believers in wearing what makes you feel most comfortable and confident - trends and date-night standards be damned. That said, we also are all-too familiar with that feeling of pre-Bumble date panic: having nothing to wear (even though we #literally went shopping last weekend) and group-texting our girlfriends for outfit suggestions. The thought alone makes us want a second pre-date cocktail. 
So, the Hive got together to talk go-to date outfits. From drinks to concerts, dinner dates to picnics, we’ll be sharing what makes us feel like #QueenBees when we meet up with our Bumble dates!  

Living in the live musical capitol of Austin, concert dates are a go-to. Whether it's a watching a live show in a dive bar in East Austin or catching Kanye when he rolls through town, it's a fun, low-stakes go-to date option for the entire Bumble team. And, in keeping laid-back Austin vibes, we keep our outfits as simple and unfussy as possible. 


The Bumble Hive