Introducing Bumble Cocktail Filters!

Coming on the heels of our recently released political filters, cocktail filters might seem like an odd choice. However, we know drinking (or not drinking) is a lifestyle choice that says a lot about who you are in a low-stakes, approachable way.

Our users seem to agree! Meeting up for a drink (be it coffee or cocktails) is the easiest way to connect with someone new. (Casual, moderate) drinking is a part of our day-to-day lives. Think about it: Every time we go to a restaurant, we receive the wine menu first. When we go to the doctor, we’re always asked how many drinks we consume a week. (Not even how much water we have per day!) When we welcome someone into our home, we offer them a beverage. For better or worse, drinking has become a fundamental part of our society.

Our drink of choice says a lot about our personality and lifestyle, so we here at Bumble think there should be a fun, easy way to convey that. Into eating healthy and staying fit? Juice and smoothie filters are a perfect way to convey that message! Can’t live without coffee? Let your matches know not to message you before 10AM by putting a coffee filter on your profile. Finish every day with a glass of wine? Share your passion for cabernet with future Bumble matches. Or, if you don’t drink, convey that “buzzin’ on life” is buzz enough for you with water, milkshake, or soda filters.

Bumble is all about meeting new people and expanding your Hive. We want to make it easy for our users to move past conversations on Bumble to meeting IRL. After listening to our users, we know the most common and least nerve-racking way to do that is over a drink!

Drink filters are live on iOS and will be available for Android soon!



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