Happy New Year!

The new year is synonymous with the message that advocates for a new you: a healthier you, a thinner you, a financially smarter you - a you who drinks less, dresses better, travels more, eats healthier, works harder, brings lunch to work, goes to sleep earlier, walks to work, keeps appointments, cooks instead of eating out, reads over watching tv, makes 6 am SoulCycle reservations (and actually goes to them), and folds clothes after doing the laundry. As if the you that you are this very moment is not amazing and badass already.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with setting goals or resolutions (raise your hand if you need to drink more water). Goals and resolutions are good, they help us grow and succeed. But they should never overshadow or undermine who you are right now -  because, right now, you're exactly who you're supposed to be, where you're supposed to be, doing exactly what you're supposed to.

So (post NYE hangover, of course) reflect not on where or what you want to be in 2017, but on where you've been, what you've done well, and why you're already the bomb.com that you totally, 100% are.

New year new you is overrated. You're already amazing.


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