Bumble BFF Users Donate to Planned Parenthood!

Because we're all for women supporting women, we took over the @Betches account on Thursday, January 26 to raise money for @plannedparenthood. For every match made on Bumble BFF on that Thursday, we donated 10 cents to Planned Parenthood.

Think that sounds like small change? On Thursday alone, we had 438,790 matches on Bumble BFF and were able to raise $43,879 as a result. We noticed an increase in activity on Bumble when we made the pledge, so we rounded the donation up to $50,000 to factor in those swipes.

In short, we were overwhelmed by the positive response our users had to this campaign. Activity and downloads increased significantly that Thursday. We're always inspired by our outstanding users, who are obviously so committed to doing good in the world. 

In typical millennial fashion, the original idea for this fundraiser stemmed from our Bumble team group chat. As we began speaking candidly about women's rights and health in our chat, we realized that while we may differ in our political or religious opinions, our team is united by a passion to stand up for necessary, affordable access to women's healthcare. We feel it's our social responsibility to inspire Bumble's cadre of incredible users to facilitate positive, tangible change in the world.

While this isn't a political post, we wouldn't be who we are without standing up for and empowering women. Our team is a melting pot - some of us are Republicans, some are Democrats, others still are independents. Some of us aren't even American. Every single one of us still knows how important it is for women to have safe and affordable healthcare.

At the end of the day, women's rights are human rights. That's something all of us can agree on.


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