What We Really Think

From making the first move to our opinions on fringe jeans, we're telling you what we really think. The Hive doesn't do BS! This week, we're talking Glossier's Boy Brow!


"Definitely a game changer for my brows. Won’t leave the house without it on." - Katherine

"I wish the tube were bigger so there could be more product." - Alex

"Yikes! I need to get the technique down; I always end up with dark, giant eyebrows plastered on my face." - Caroline   

"I usually go au naturale on the brows, but Glossier can do no wrong!" - Chelsea

"My brows are so well-behaved now." - Makenzi

"Really want to try this!" - Shaden

"Tried probably 15 to 20 different brow sets. This is, hands down, the very best." - Anastasia

"Glossier, I'm comin’ for you!" - Sarah



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