Happy Birthday Bumble BFF!

A year ago today, we launched Bumble BFF.

We knew there was a market for connecting people for friendships, but we were amazed by how the platform evolved into a network of kindness and positivity. On Bumble BFF, any competitive or guarded vibes vanish because everyone is looking for support and friendship. BFF has become a place to find platonic soulmates, great roommates, brunch buddies, bridesmaids, and happy hour partners.

We've watched people move to new cities and seen their relationship with the city transform from a scary new place to one they call home. We've witnessed moms feeling overwhelmed in the throes of new motherhood find solace in other women who share their experience. We've come to realize the importance of friendship, and how much joy and confidence having a support system enriches people's lives. We love being able to facilitate these connections through Bumble BFF. 

Nothing makes us happier than hearing your Success Stories. To submit your story, email stories@team.bumble.com!


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