Smarter Ways To Spend Your Tax Refund

Tax season is almost over and those sweet refunds are about to come rolling in. Spending that bonus money is way too easy. If you're anything like us, you're tempted to do everything from filling your Amazon cart to splurging on that cute pair of wedges. 

However, we all know we should be doing something a little more fiscally responsible with that money. Below are a few of our favorite ideas for taking your first steps toward becoming a money maven:

1. Credit Card Payment: You'll feel so much better about your bills, your ability to make rent, and your mocha latte habit once you make a payment way over your monthly minimum.

2. Car Maintenance: We know you've been putting off getting that Check Engine light fixed for months - the time is now!

3. Home Improvements: Get that chair sitting in your West Elm shopping cart or fix your leaking sink. 

4. Put it in Savings: We know, we know, but socking that money away in your savings account is the most Adult Move possible. This way, the next time you accidentally overdraft your checking account, you don't have to survive on ramen and popsicles until your next paycheck.


The Bumble Hive