Green Thumb

A vase full of fresh flowers and pots full of house plants make our homes so much prettier, but they don't always come cheap. Here are some tips on how to keep your plants living longer!

Tips for all flowers: Cut stems at a diagonal about an inch from the bottom, keep the water clean and free of foliage, and change that water a minimum of every 2-3 days. Also ask for an extra sachet of plant food wherever you get the flowers. Your blooms will thank you. 

Tips for all plants: Make sure you use a pot that has a hole on the bottom. Proper drainage is key when potting your plants to ensure you're not accidentally drowning them. 

Succulents: Alternate misting and watering every week - most of these don't need much moisture. When you water, it's best to bring the pot over to the sink and water until soil is wet and fully drained.


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