Wish You Were Here

Last week, the blogger babes of NYC celebrated Spring Break at the Bowery with their BFFs. A room full of influencers obviously called for a fun photoshoot across tables of rosé pong and all the Bumble swag!

Follow these lovely babes along on their NYC journey: Alyssa Amoroso of Publyssity, Amanda of EastCoastFox, Dana Mannrino of PinkChampagneProblems, Gals of Let's Eat Y'all, Gita of MimiandChichi , Janam of TheNamLife, Jordan of NewYorkCityStylist, Marianna Yip, Ladies of Blog Ny and About, Megan Hoole of PoshdeJour, Natalie Bright, Damask Suitcase, SJ of , and our cohost, Out Of Office NY


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