The Hottest Swimsuit of the Season is the One You Feel Comfortable In

If you're anything like us, you have mixed emotions about summer. Your excitement for poolside margaritas might be overshadowed by doubts about your bikini readiness.

We all tend to overanalyze how close our own bodies come to what society tells us is the “perfect” bikini bod. When we're inundated with manipulated images of seemingly perfect humans everywhere from Instagram to shampoo commercials, it's no surprise we're left wondering how we measure up. Luckily, your opinion of yourself is the only one that counts!

To remind you how amazing you and your beautiful, unique body are, the Hive came up with five things to keep in mind before you start critiquing yourself in the mirror this summer. 


Instagram isn’t IRL

Social media is the highlight reel of everyone’s lives. Most people would much rather show off the amazing trip they took to Greece last summer than their average Wednesday night, which is probably spent in sweatpants on the couch. Between images full of Photoshop, FaceTune, and filters, we inevitably start questioning our own appearance.

Take everything you see on social media this summer with an entire shaker’s worth of salt. When sponsored posts by bikini companies start to clog up your feed, try to remember most of the people promoting that popular swimsuit brand are models . Only 5% of women naturally have the “ideal” body type the Western media promotes (and even they use filters and Photoshop). Keep this in mind next time you’re comparing yourself to that Insta-famous star frolicking on the beach.


The Hottest Swimsuit of the Season is the One You Feel Comfortable In

Just because everyone else is wearing Brazilian-cut bikini bottoms this summer doesn’t mean you have to. If your personal style is more high-waisted pin-up than skimpy Sports Illustrated, stock up on those swimsuits! The hottest thing you can wear on the sand is whatever makes you feel best about yourself. If you aren't into catching rays, rock a rash guard and a hat or a comfortable flowy dress with pride.


It’s a Beach, Not a Runway

When there are 500 people on that sunny beach, there’s no way all eyes will be on you. It may feel like strolling to your lounge chair is equivalent to strutting down a catwalk, but we guarantee everyone else is more focused on themselves than they are on you. They’ll be socializing with their pals, sipping on a cocktail, and probably worrying about how they look in their swimsuit. Don’t sweat it when it’s time for the sarong to come off, Queen Bee - you got this.


Confidence is Key

Confidence is the only must-have accessory you need this summer.

When you’re focusing all your mental energy on your insecurities, you don’t leave much room for celebrating the parts of yourself you love. Your body is so much more than its outer appearance: It’s the reason you can get out of bed in the morning. It lets you run and jump and dance. It always forgives you when you feed it too much tequila. (Maybe don't test this tonight.)

Your body loves you, so show your body some love in return. Let that inner confidence take the lead as you strut down the boardwalk like the badass bee you are. If you’re not feeling 100% confident in the moment, there’s a reason people tell you to fake it ‘til you make it - it works! The more you tell yourself you’re beautiful, the sooner you’ll start to believe it. (You know we already do!)


You're Not Alone

We know everyone has their body-related doubts, but let's be honest: We all look great. We want to encourage you to be the best version of yourself everyday. Your best is defined by you and only you. You decide whether it means having a salad for lunch or getting elbow-deep in chips and queso. (We're definitely guilty of this.) We support you!

We know how hard it can be hard to feel good about your body during swimsuit season. Make sure you’re showing yourself a little extra TLC as the weather starts getting hotter. You're beautiful and unique just as you are. Embrace it!

You do you, honey! We’re with you all the way.



The Bumble Hive