Make Career Advancements Without the Unwanted Advances


We have reached a pivotal moment as a culture, and we must continue to charge forward fighting for change and standing up against the abuse of power. While sometimes it sadly seems like the only thing we know to do in the moment, we don't have to laugh if someone makes us feel uncomfortable. We don't have to accept comments that degrade, belittle, or objectify us. 

We created Bumble Bizz to flip the power dynamic so routinely felt and seen in business introductions. Women hold the reins when starting relationships to better set a tone that makes them feel respected in business settings. We see this platform as a tool that can help shift the way we all connect, and to make sure that everyone feels safe and empowered to control the course of their career.

If someone abuses Bumble Bizz, please report them, and we will remove them from our community immediately. We have a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior, you should too. We love you and we know that, together, we can help change society and promote a culture of kindness and respect.


Alex Williamson el-Effendi, Head of Brand, for The BeeHive

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