The Chainsmokers Use Bumble to Epically Surprise College Students

You could safely say that Mondays usually suck, but this week it was one of the best Mondays some college students will ever have while working towards their degrees.

On Monday, November 29th, Bumble users on Southern Methodist University's (SMU) campus were given the chance to swipe right on the app to reveal the details of how to win tickets to The Chainsmokers live performance taking place the following night. Students who matched with a card while using any of our modes — Bumble dating, Bumble BFF, or Bumble Bizz — were instructed to meet at the famous flagpole on the North end of Bishop Boulevard at 12:20pm on Tuesday.

Unbeknownst to the students, GRAMMY award-winning The Chainsmokers showed up to surprise the students for this one-of-a-kind meet and greet, which officially launched the Bumble Beats initiative to engage with college students through live music. 

Over 1,000 students swiped right on and matched with The Chainsmokers card in less than 48 hours. The ticket holders received a meet-and-greet with the duo at the concert and left the evening’s show with Bumble merchandise. One of the lucky ticket winners had the opportunity to take the stage and introduce The Chainsmokers prior to their performance.

Bummed you weren't on the SMU campus? Don't worry. SMU is a special place to our team at Bumble, as it's the alma mater of our founder and CEO. But this is just the first of many artist surprises that we are planning to hold at college campuses across the country. Bumble Beats will keep expanding to universities across the country, giving as many students as possible the chance to win the ultimate surprise of tickets to their favorite concerts, delivered by the artists themselves.

Better download Bumble to stay tuned!