Bumble Success Stories: Chris & Ashley

What stood out about Chris’s profile?

All his photos were of him doing a lot of fun, adventurous things. There was this photo of him jumping into a pool with his nephew that caught my eye - it was so sweet and I could tell he seemed like a genuine and kind person.

What stood out about Ashley’s profile?

Her smile! She seemed like she had a blast no matter where she was or who she was with in the pictures.  I could tell she had a lot of interesting stories to tell.  

Ashley, what was your first move on Bumble?

“Hey there,” which he called me out for! He asked if “that line usually worked for me?” I was so mad but I knew he would keep me on my toes and that intrigued me.

How long did you talk before deciding to go on a date?

A few days. We matched over the weekend and went on our first date that following ‪Wednesday night after some rescheduling.

Where did you go on your first date?

Soul Gastrolounge in Charlotte, NC where we had many cocktails

Ashley, when did you know that Chris was your person?

There are so many! He came with me as my date to my best friend’s wedding about a month and a half in. I was so nervous to bring him. He took it in stride and we had the best time! There was one point during the wedding where all the guys were serenading the Bride singing “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” from Top Gun. He was sing screaming at the top of his lungs and grinning at me the whole time. That’s when I knew.

Chris, when did you know that this was your person?

Playing blackjack with her at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas – just seeing how much fun we were having sitting next to each other doing something we love.  We already knew we had a lot in common at that point, but that was one of those little things that showed me we could do anything together.

We are so happy for you two! Congratulations and so much love from The Bumble Hive.

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