Bumble Success Stories: Mitchell & Siri

What stood out about Siri’s Profile?

Siri’s profile stood out because we shared the same hobbies and interests. I also knew that the school she went to for undergrad was a small, Norwegian, Liberal arts school - mine was as well – which meant me we probably had a lot more in common than we expected.

What stood out about Mitchell’s profile? 

Being 100% Norwegian, the first thing that I noticed was the big Norwegian flag on the front of his hat! I also noticed where he went to undergrad, as it was the school my parents met. And on top of that, I noticed that he was SUPER cute and had a great taste in wine! 

What was Siri’s first move on Bumble?

Siri said that she approved of my taste in wine, which I had described in my bio.

How long did you talk before deciding to go on a date?

 It took 2 days to get each other’s phone number in mid-November, then because of traveling over Thanksgiving and some wild work schedules we didn’t go on a date until Dec. 13, which was just under a month.

Where did you go on your first date? 

We went to the Ballard Neighborhood in Seattle. We first met at a Starbucks (duh, it’s Seattle) then went to a record shop, followed by a walk to the Ballard locks where boat traffic goes from the lakes to the Puget Sound. That was the original plan for the date, but I was so enamored by Siri that I invited her to my evening plans at a friends house to watch a ski movie to kick the ski season off right. After the movie, neither of us wanted the date to end so we went on a driving/walking tour of West Seattle. All in all, our first date was about 12 hours.

Mitchell, how did you propose?

I proposed on the side of a mountain about an hour outside of Seattle.

Do you have a date set yet? 

July 8, 2017!!

We are so happy for you two! Congratulations and so much love from The Bumble Hive.

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Photography by Mitch Pittman @mitchpittman