Bumble Success Story: Keeley + Dean

This is a fairy tale success story for the ages.

In Keeley's words: "We matched on Bumble on Feb. 8, 2016; met for our first date on Feb. 13, 2016; and officially began our relationship on Feb. 23, 2016. It took exactly eleven days to find love, to know love, to truly fall in love with each other! Fate found us in eleven days. Our soulmate was revealed, our heart songs were sounded - in merely eleven days, our lives were forever changed."

What was the first move?

Keeley had to make the move on Bumble because of how it's designed, which is great to establish real conversations for truly interested people. Dean asked Keeley for her number to set up a date after talking on Bumble for a day and getting to know one another. Then, a day later, Dean asked Keeley out to dinner for the Saturday following their match. It was during this date that he gave her a rose, they started to fall in love, and they had their first kiss.

What was your first date like? 

Keeley: "I walked up the steps, in from the cold, to spot him standing over by the fireplace radiating warmth like no one else. He looked up and the gaze that greeted me was familiar and kind. We hugged and it was all I could do to remain standing, to will my legs to work. (The sparks were that strong!) And then he handed me a solitary, red rose. In that instant, my heart melted. It was forward without pretension, there was no falseness in his actions, and the gesture was not lost on me. It was the perfect acknowledgement of the holiday happenstance we found ourselves in (Valentine's Day), without overdoing it. (It was our first date, after all!)"

How long did you take to make the first move?

It only took a day of chatting/texting before arranging the first date.

What stood out about their profile?

Keeley says: "It's difficult to recall exactly what he wrote in his profile as everything was a whirlwind right from the start. Yet I could tell he was very intelligent, driven, and had an entrepreneurial spirit - personality aspects that align well with my own nature. Furthermore, his pictures of course stood out, showcasing just how handsome he is. His eyes draw you in."

Dean says: "First of all, she was gorgeous, obviously. But not only was she unbelievably beautiful, but she also seemed classy as she didn't present her beauty in a shallow way like many girls (and guys) tend to do on other dating apps. Then, her profile had some real substance to it where she described herself and what she was looking for. She seemed very smart and like a person I could have a genuine and interesting conversation with. I know it sounds odd, but I was struck by her word choice and complete sentences, which is something many people don't bother to include in their profiles."

Where are you now? (next adventure, etc.)

We got engaged on Feb. 12, 2017, one day shy of a year from our first date! We are planning our wedding for mid-summer 2018, all the while enjoying this next step in our relationship. Needless to say ours is a destined, once in a lifetime love, the sort that fairy tales are made of - and Bumble brought us together for happily ever after!

Thanks so much to Keeley and Dean for sharing their story! We're so happy for you two!

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